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Full Version: Guardians Out of Character Thread
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Just thought I'd need one of these.

Now, there seems to be a bit of a misunderstand as to where everyone is gathered right at this moment. The entire team is in the computer center. Except for those characters specificially mentioned as being on the roof, everyone else has gathered in the computer center. Maybe it was the way I wrote it that you guys just didn't understand.
I deleted my post with the flub about the kitchen and I'm going to do a rewrite...sorry about that Watcher, promise I won't make anymore glaring mistakes like that again!

These things happen, it is quite easy in this sort of game to get confuddled as to where everyone is, which is why if you have any doubts, it never hurts to ask a second opinion. So this thread is probably indeed a good call Smile
I really feel as thought I failed as a storyteller to get across what I was trying to do.
So the blame falls squarely on my shoulders this time. I'll step up to the plate and say "Yes, I goofed!"

That doesn't happen often :-)

The Watcher
I wanted to let everyone know that Shadow Strike will be leaving the game.
Due to extenuating circumstances with real life, Prodigy is taking a break from the game.

We wish him the best of luck with everything and welcome him back at any time he'd like to come back.

The Watcher
Sorry to hear that. Keep in touch Neil.
Yeah Neil! Don't be a stranger!! We'll miss you!
Wooohoo! Pack your lunches kids!! The Field Trip has begun!
When Watcher mentioned we might be hanging with some Avengers, I was psyched...and now! YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!!

*does a happy dance*
How's everyone feeling about their match ups in the Field Trip? I'm looking forward to Cam interacting with Tony, and I can't wait to see Chandi and Tigra.. let's hope it doesn't end in a cat fight.. Wink
I think they were all chosen really well and can't wait to see them play out Big Grin regardless of Kei's whining, she's just being a pain...
Lol, wouldn't Cameron just love to be there for that cat fight ^_^....
I love having 'Vok paired up with Hawkeye. It is a perfect fit, even if Skrull boy doesn't realize it yet. To 'Vok, any Aveneger is just a stuffed shirt, pain in the butt super-hero. He doesn't really want any part of that scene at all. But it'll be fun when he finally realizes how much he and Clint have in common.

Oh, and by the way, I really like how I am the only one who refers to Skrull boy as 'Vok. The fact that all of you refer to him as John helps to keep the illusion going nicely. It helps everyone keep it straight as to which face he is wearing at the moment. It may get a bit confusing later, when the secret finally gets revealed, and he starts wearing both faces around the team, but I will try to make things clear in my posts. I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for helping to make the shape shifting stuff convincing.
Well I hadn't seen him telling anyone (other than Valerie who he already knew) his real name so I just went with 'John'.

Yeah i'm hoping this trip is going to be a lot of fun Smile
This trip is going to be what you guys make it. Remember, I am here only to move the game along with it begins to lag or when an action needs addressed. If YOU want it fun, make it fun.

On a completely different note however, if there are any special requests game wise that you'd like to make, please feel free to PM me. If there is a storyline you'd like to work in for your character and you don't want the rest of the group involved, we can do it as a side story easily.
I am all up for doing anything you guys want to within reason and bounds. Enchantress has already asked about doing something with AJ she's briefly mentioned in the game. But I was going to address everyone with it to see if they'd like to join in, seeing as she didn't care but didn't want to bore anyone with it. She's wanting to do a weekend excursion to New Orleans. If you think it's something your character would like to do, let me know. I can work it in between the Field Trip and the actual first mission. If perhaps you have something you want your character to do along those same lines, we can work it in between mission 1 and two.
Ideas, thoughts and complaints are welcome please!

The Watcher
From the posts so far I think everyone seems to be enjoying the freedom to build their characters and interactions with others players, just as you would in real life. I think this is going to make for some interesting dynamics later on Smile
He's right though on one thing. I really want to do this thing with AJ in New Orleans, but I didn't want to bother everyone else if they thought it was going to be boring.
But if you wanna come along! Sure! Wonderful! Great.
It'll be like Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.....mwhahahahaa....
Well I haven't got any deep ideas for Chandi yet, but when I do I'll PM to you Watcher ^_^
Ok, the girls and De are shopping, Cam and Vok are watching Girls Gone Wild with the Avengers Men....

Does anyone not see a super villain ruining their fun????
All I've got to say is this: Kei in a kitchen, something might explode...literally!

And as far as super villain, bring it on Watcher! We can handle it Big Grin

Enchantress Wrote:Ok, the girls and De are shopping, Cam and Vok are watching Girls Gone Wild with the Avengers Men....

Does anyone not see a super villain ruining their fun????

Does Mothra count as a supervillain? O_o??
I think we are gonna be facing off against Bill Jemas.. wanted for his crimes against Marveldom by order of The Great Stan :p
Yeah Tessa...Peitro if he keeps giving Kei those puppy dog eyes!


We'll be playing "put together the Avenger"!
I could be wrong Watcher, but have you been watching Off Centre lately? (because of the whole Girls gone Wild Mardi Gras thing)
lol, I don't think Kei would blast Pietro! He's too quick for her reflexes...she'd just blast various objects in the room in an attempt to blast Pietro.

Actually Harley... I think the whole Girls Gone Wild Mardi Gras thing is in reference to the fact that Firefly (AJ) is from New Orleans and happens to be a stripper in her spare time.

I rolled though, seriously...
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