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Full Version: Batman Vs The World....
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Hail to the BAT!!!!

Truly a conqueror in his own right, Batman is the single most incredible superhero that has ever been scetched into existance. Here is a person with balls of Adamantium!!! In my opinion, He's the only and quite possibly single reason why DC still exists today. But, in all honesty I think that Batman could take on any villan or superhero out there and come out on top.....
I must agree, Batman is pretty great. In the hands of a skilled writer, he can be one of the most interesting heroes out there.

So, seeings as how you love the Dark Knight so much, which one story is your favorite Batman tale?

Ok, first off....I've been a Batman fan for nigh' on about 28 years now...and as much as I love the Detective, there is, absolutely no way, a normal mortal man can take on all the superhumans, meta humans, mutants and Galactus!

However, my favorite batman story of late, is a tie between Bruce Wayne Murderer and Hush. Hush simply because of the mind trip that was Jason Todd.
First to the Asgardian, I believe my favorite Batman would have to be the series in which Jason Todd departs the scene via Joker. I think the series was called the Death of a friend. but I could be mistaken.

To you Enchantress.....I knew I knew I knew that someone was going to bring up that fact of his frail this I truly have no response other than he's THE BATMAN!!!! Honestly, I think that he would get smoked by some of the more favored Galactic Hero's and Villans. He just doesn't have the linear technology to take on the likes of Surfer, Thanos, Thor, and or Galactus. Now I might give him a chance against Captain Marvel...seeing as how he's been going off the deep end. 'Ol Bats might be able to con someone like the Martian Man Hunter or Orion to help him in a situation like that. But technically there is no possible way for him to defeat most of the cosmics. they're just too flippin strong!!!
Normally I would fight tooth and nail about that but he's got the earth hero's and villans all tied up.. There's not one that he couldn't beat(given the opportunity to prepare for the skirmish)...

BatFreak :dcbat:
I'm afraid I'll have to disagree with you there friend. I've had this argument with several other people on a different site, and we've come to a mutual decision. The one person Batman has no prayer of defeating is Danny Glover ( and possibly Billy Dee Williams, I'm not sure). Danny would crush Batman just like he did box office records with GONE FISHIN. BONG!
Wow, I never thought about that angle, but I find myself in total agreement. It's like this kids...Danny Glover put the smackdown hard on one of those Predator monsters. And I must say, if you can go toe to toe with a gosh darned Predator, you can probably take the Batman.

Although Batman has beaten the Predator as well, so this Danny Glover vs. Batman fight you speak of would probably be one for the ages.
Look, I love Batman as much as the next fangirl. I'm probably the ONLY fangirl ever who's jumped off of a roof thinking I was Batman (age 5 here folks) then only to remember halfway down that..."BATMAN CAN"T FLY!!!!!!!"

Batman's a tough guy, but let's face it, he can't even get rid of his own villains for crying out loud! He's been going at it with the Joker since the 40s and the guy still hasn't managed to keep him locked away permenantly!

Oh, and on a side note...Danny Glover my royal Asgardian arse.... Sam Jackson! Sam Jackson would put the Shaft down on Batman so hard it would make him stop and think, then he'd whip out that light sabre Mace Windu style and kick some ass. DON'T mess with the Force! Even if you are's still going to get you majorly messed up.

Now, back onto a topic here...somewhere...there is one...I know there is....
It pains me to think of the time devoted to thinking up who could beat the coveted Bat. I don't know about Glover though....he's too old...and kinda senile. My thoughts would be on Mel Gibson.. I'm sure he could take him...he would probably put him in the crucifix (submission hold for all you non-wrestling people suffering from denial that wrestling isn't the one greatest gladiator/soap/uhm 'randy' women fest since....forever).

Let's just all come to the understanding that the Bat is the MAN!!! that's really all you have to understand..once you get that then the rest of the world begins to fall into place....and as for him not keeping the joker wrapped up..well what's the #1 rule of any and all comics?? hence the Joker always coming back.....?
Yes, Batman IS the man. But even the man gets taken down once in a while. Where is the fun in watching your heroes succeed all of the time? It's the horrible defeats, and the heroic way they deal with those defeats that make our heroes what they are.

And yes Surfer...Billy D. Williams could also take Batman. He was Harvey Dent after all. And we all know that deep down inside, Harvey Dent is just itching to become Two-Face. Forget the crusty white guy they had playing the bi-polar villain in Batman never existed. Billy D. Two-Face would crush Tommy Lee Two-Face. And then Batman would get pummeled for his troubles.
Man DARKKNIGHT, I'm afraid you failed the final exam. The number one rule isn't that Joker will always come back. The number one rule is this. Say it with me kids...ONLY BUCKY STAYS DEAD!!!!
no no no no!!! that's what I meant....that the only real rule is that only the Buck man stays dead. Hence Joker always returning.....

You know that I wouldn't forget that ....hopefully