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Full Version: Comic Widows.. The Hows and Whys?
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Glenn I was wondering if you could give us some background on the Comic Widows site, how it came to be and why you put so much effort into it?
Looong story, Local, but I'll give it a shot.

I was once part of a independent film company called White Violet Pictures and one of my projects was a documentary called "Comic Widows: Will You Hurry Up?" It was to be interviews with the wives, girlfriends and other significant others you find sitting in the lobbies of comic book conventions looking at their watches, tapping their toes and waiting for the comic fan in their life to get outta there already.

We had about six hours of footage before the project went belly up. It may someday still see the light of day but at the moment I'd say not. Anyway, some of the same people involved in White Violet and myself were pondering a website for comic reviews and could not come up with a name. Duh, the best name was sitting in front of us - Comic Widows, so we bought the domain and got the first edition up in June 2002.

As to what is a 'comic widow' - my dear wife wrote a narrative, unfortunately about me, which was to be used as a voiceover in the film but eventually made it to the CW site. Here it is:

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The website has been a labor of love since its inception and there are too many people to thank for its continued life. Recently Local Hero and Enchantress have lent their talents to the site and joined the staff, doing spectacular graphics and that great X-Men column. You guys are terrific.

New articles will be going up this week, and we are as always taking submissions. Thanks for the spotlight, Local. Smile

Glenn Walker
Thanks Glenn, it's always great to find others who have both a genuine love for comics and the enthusiasm to put their money where their mouth is, after all why would any of us go through the pain and hassle of setting up these sites if we didn't have geniuine feelings for the medium Smile

As for your documentary, I would love to see what you filmed so far. There are very few fan generated comic documentaries and this sounds like it might have been a nice little program. maybe you should digitise the best bits and see what sort of response they get online...
A fuller version of the story of the secret origin of Comic Widows is here:

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