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Full Version: Fantastic Four Rogues Gallery
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Over the years Reed, Sue, Ben and Johnny have faced a number of threats in their adventures. We all know the big nemesis is of course Dr Doom. And I wish every hero had as deliciously evil and complex a character to pit themselves against. Ok in the early days some of the characterisation was a little.. flat.. especially when Doom was used as a villain of the week in numerous titles. But when Doom is written well, he is totally three dimensional, totally believable. You can relate to some of the things he is saying. This is what makes a good villain for me, someone who can get under your skin.

Who is your favourite F4 villain? Are you dotty about Doom? Do you go ga-ga over Galactus? Let us know which villain you root for in the battle to overcome Reed Richards ego, and why they float your boat.
I love all of the Fantastic Four's rogues gallery. They are a bunch of villains who never get much 'air time' outside of FF, but they are all just plain cool to me.

Even the Trapster is ok in my book. The last time he popped up, back when Carlos Pacheco was plotting/drawing the book, he was handled in a way that made him cool for once in his less than auspicious existance. Annihilus is another big bad of the FF's that just plain rocks. Put him and Blaastar together, duking it out with Johnny and Ben in the Negative Zone, and you have yourself a great comic book right there my friend. I've always liked Diablo too. Again, during Pacheco's run, this bad guy was bad ass. He was a big threat.

But yanno realy, I should just stop, because I could go on and on about the Fantastic Four's enemies all night long. Lets just leave it at this...they are all cool. I love them all, and could never pick a favorite. Except of coarse Dr. Doom...Doom rules all!
I don't know about a definite favorite, because I love every one of them! I do love it when every incarnation of the Frightful Four show up (which I understand is going to happen again real soon!) I love the Wizard. He is VERY intelligent, and if he could just get over his inferiority complex and take some leadership classes, he and his 3 comrades would have no problem taking down the FF even WITH the trapster/paste pot pete amongst their ranks. (Sorry Thor) on a seperate note, the most recent villain/threat in the Marvel Knights: 4 comic is FREAKY COOL looking. Take a look for yourself if you don't believe me!
I'm all about Doom. Always have been. Yes, the FF have faced some great villians (and Annilahus is pretty darned cool too), but in the end, when it comes down to who is the bane of their existance. It's Doom.
After reading Unthinkable, and the storylines that followed, I'm more in love with the sick twisted mind that is Victor Von Doom than I ever was.

Thank you Mark Waid!
The Frightful Four have made their triumphant return in recent issues of Fantastic Four, much to my delight. The Wizard seems to be getting much love these days, taking his cameo appearance in Thunderbolts/Avengers into account. But the new direction he is taking in FF is downright...well, frightful!

I have only read the first issue of the Frightful Four story line, but I can tell already that Marvel's First Family will have their hands full this time around. I can't wait for my new comics to arrive next week so I can read the next couple issues of this sure to be action packed story. We've all said it before, but it bears repeating. Mark Waid is a writing god amongst men.
There is a new mini-series coming out that is purely dealing with the villians of the FF. It looks to be quite the treat!
After Unthinkable and Authoritave Action, it has once more been cemented, that to me at least, the ultimate villain will always be Doom. This is the man that should end up actually beating the Fantastic Four. If they decide to do FF: The End, it has to be him.

Or the Mole Man...