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Full Version: The Tenth Circle
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I just read the first few issues of this arc during one sit down. I have to say, after the hideous Tan artwork from the last books, these definately are more appealing and eye delightful than that. The storyline is classic and for that alone I like it.
So tell me, what's your beef with this book?
I have no beef with this book. I like the Claremont/Byrne/Ordway run so far. I have heard some criticisms of it, but I can't fault it too badly. After the first 4 parts, I am eager to see what happens in the last couple.
I have now officially read the whole story arc, and have to say that it left me less than impressed. It got so much hype, and for the life of me, I couldn't figure out why after reading it. Let's look at the villian...OOOOOO I'm being attacked by Count Chocula! The whole story was just a means of reintroducing a new Doom Patrol comic to the masses (much like the Avengers are doing with their Invaders story at the moment)