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Full Version: Batman #626
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"As the crow flys"
Very cool Matt Wagner cover...I'm digging the Dustin Nguyen artwork, and Judd Winick is doing wonderful well with pulling the Batman book out of the "Broken City" story arch that preceeded this one. I was not a huge fan of that story and it left me lost in parts. Anyone know exactly where the Joker fit in that story? and why he showed up at the end? I'm still lost.
Again, Judd Winick is writing Green Arrow and I love it, he starts on Batman and I start liking it again.

He's moving into the ranks of Mark Waid... Lol

Thoughts on the story?
Judd Winick on Batman has been interesting. I really didn't care for that 100 Bullets guy... what's his name... Azzarello? Jeph Loeb's "Hush" was an amazing rollercoaster. What bugs me is that when you read the runs all at once, which is what I did, it seems like three different continuities - three completely different sets of characters. These are three different Batmen, as well as supporting casts and even the villains that appeared in each are different. Is anyone editing these books?

Glenn Walker
I agree completely. While I enjoy each and every one of the stories, they do seem disjointed when compared to one another. "Hush" was pure comic geek fun, with as many Bat history/character referances packed into one story as Mr. Loeb could manage. Azzarello's run was less than great, but it had its moments. And Winick's "As the Crow Flies" was good tight story telling all the way around.

But I do think someone needs to pull the reigns a bit and tighten up the continuity in the Bat books. The only title I read is "Batman" and I am glad for it. I would hate to try to keep up with all the different takes on Batman that must be running rampant through his family of books.
The most disturbing glitch was Killer Croc I thought. Anyone new to the book would have difficulty connecting KC from one arc to the next, almost like a completely different character.

Glenn Walker
Oh yeah, I had forgotten about that glaring mistake. At the end of Hush they left you with the knowledge that Croc would likely be cured of the mutation, but then in the very next story arc he is fine and dandy. This was a large oversight in my opinion as well.

However, I actually enjoyed him more in Azarello's arc, but that might have had more to do with the running joke of Batman busting his teeth in repeatedly. An easy joke at the expense of a dim witted villain will get me every time.