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Full Version: The Watch - Out of Character Thread
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I think the attack has alot more to do with Rogue simply being the first person she saw after exiting the room. Husk was pissed and wanted/needed to hit something. She didn't care who or what really, she just needed a vent for her anger, and Rogue was unlucky enough to still be standing there. She would have had to go all the way downstairs if she wanted to pick a fight with Victoria.

Well, that and the fact that I think everyone is a little afraid of Victoria right now. :wink:
First off, Victoria is not Psychotoic. She's moody, she's emotional, she just lost one of her friends, just recently found out her father molested her in ways you wouldn't even want to know, and as I stated before in this very thread, her boyfriend is completely ignoring her and has since then.
Now, as far as why Paige didn't go at Victoria, it's pretty clear.... Victoria said two things directly to Paige.
"You, of all people, should be running right now." and "You wanna help?" Victoria took in the fact that there were too many people in the room, the proximity was too close, and should anything happen to her while trying to get Barry and the Phoenix decided to rear it's ugly head, Paige would be in imminent danger.
Paige wanted to do something, Victoria helped her do it, end of story. While it might not have been the keenest of ways for Victoria to go about it, it was done and it's done and over with. No where did Solace say that Paige wasn't pissed off at Victoria. Trust me, she is...and I know that for a fact. It's just...would *YOU* want to pick a fight with Victoria right now? Not a wise idea. Although, I've always wanted to see her and Tessa do Jello wrestling. Tongue

Truth, you need to keep reading, Victoria's made a few mentions of Kyle recently.

As for everything that's happened in game recently from a personal standpoint... I feel everyone is doing a brilliant job with the entire thing.
You can't let personal feelings get into all this and you certainly can't let your feelings get hurt. If that were the case, Truth and I would have killed each other a long time ago! (everyone remember the Kyle/Victoria wars?)
In the end, it's one very creatively written story and devices like this only push you to be more creative and to expand your written words.
Oh Truth I’m sorry, didn’t mean to leave you out!

Both TMT and Chanty are correct in their explanation of Paige’s actions, basically Paige needed to hit someone…and yes Hank was in the room with her BUT Paige sees Hank as an authority figure plus he was the first leader not to treat her like a child back in the previous game SO she wouldn’t go hitting him. Paige also wouldn’t attack Victoria because like Chanty said Paige isn’t crazy enough to do that, although I will STRESS that Paige is just as pissed off at Victoria as she is at Rogue. SO it was simply Paige having some hard feelings against Rogue AND the fact that she was the first person that Paige came into contact with…basically it was a case of Rogue being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Now let my STRESS again for the fiftieth time it was not a personal attack on Nova, and frankly I think I’ve explained my character’s actions well enough…and everyone else that knows my character fairly well has explained why they thought Paige hit Rogue. So in my opinion we really don’t have to talk it out much more.
I was never taking anything personally. I realize this is just a game. A game I am very new to. I have never done this before. On that note, I was just questioning interpretation. I never meant to imply that I was taking anything personally. I am sorry if it came off that way. But again I was just trying to figure where things came into play. I am looking forward to this game, but I am a rookie.
We all understand that you are a rookie to Written Word RPG's. Its cool, because we've all been there. I'm glad that you didn't take any of this silliness personally. Because that lets lets me know you won't get ticked at me when the next Vampire grabs Rogue.....hehehe :wink:
J already knows about this, but starting tomorrow (thursday the 22nd) I'll be in California with limited internet access, and I won't be back until August 5th. I'll try to get on as much as I can, but if I can't you'll all know why.

One of my previous posts kind of got lost in the shuffle of the whole Rouge/Paige fight, but hopefully this time I can get a response. Would anyone mind me "accidentally healing" them so I could finally show one of my powers? Local Hero, right now you have multiple arrow wounds from the Punisher, so you would be a great candidate. All I'm asking for is the permission to "lay a hand" on you and unexpectedlly heal you without the need for TMT to decide the outcome. It would help me out a great deal. If you don't want me to, then would anyone else mind?
I think we can find a chance to work that in pretty soon, but I don't think Beast would be the best candidate. He has a healing factor that is almost Hulk level, so those arrow wounds will likely heal before Surfer can even get close to him.

But don't worry. I'm sure there will be plenty of opportunities this Chapter to showcase Surfer's healing abilities. Just be patient.

Hey guys and gals. Sorry I haven't been on lately. Life has taken a front seat in my...well, life. Been heckticly busy and when I have a free moment my siblings are on the web so I can't get on. Anyways, I wanted to apoligize for my abscence and then give you a heads up that my absence will probably continue for several more days if my life continues as it has. I barely have enough time to post this message before I have to leave. I'll post when or if I can but most likely I won't be on for the next several days. Sorry for this. See you guys soon.

- SBob -
Hello, it's me again. My aunt is having a celebration in her honor for fulfilling 50 years as a nun. So me and my family will be leaving Saturday to go to Colorado for the celebration and won't be back till Monday. Also, school starts for me the 19th of August (yeah... :x :x ) so just a head's up that that will server my time on the web.

Thank you.

This message has been brought to you by SAND, it's everywhere, get used to it!
Another heads up for you guys as well. TMT and I are heading to Wizard World Chicago this weekend and hangin' with Srf4 and the fam.

So we won't be around after tonight very much.
Yep, as Chanty said, it's off to WW Chicago for myself and Nova! Hope to see Truth there, and eventually meet up with TMT and Chanty. Won't be posting all weekend, so see you all when we get back Big Grin
Indeed. The posts I'm making tonight will be my last until monday most likely as I'm be geeking it up and working for the next few days, affording me little internet time. So as the wise man once said...


Regular Rp and comic related posting will resume some time next week.
Hey guys! I'll try to hop back into the swing of things sometime today or tomorrow. This weekend wore me out and today is my first day back at work after 4 days...can you say "SWAMPED?" Yeah, figured you could!
Anyway, just wanted to let everyone know.

Ok, this is an open letter to each and every one of the players in The Watch. I wanted to let you know how happy I am with how the game is going so far. I think we have a great mix of characters, that are just brimming with potential. But, (you knew it was coming didn't you?) I think we can do better. I've been GMing written word RPG's for a while now, and I have seen many varied styles of play. These games are at their best when the players feel free to interact with one another. You guys can post as often as you like. Lately it seems as though you all have been making one post each and then waiting for my next post to move things along.

I want to remind you that you don't have to do it that way. If you want to have a little side conversation with one or two of your teammates while Frank is going off on his latest tirade, thats cool with me. If two of you want to trade 20 posts back and forth in the span of an hour one night, I don't care. As long as it furthers your character, or the game along in some way, you have alot of leeway in how you post. Because participating in these types of things is how you build your character. It is how you build friendships, rivalries or even love interests between your characters.

Now, this is not a mandate. I am not telling you that you have to post like this, because frankly, some of us don't have the time. But for those of you that do, please consider what I have said. Because trust me, this kind of game only gets better when you let your characters cut loose.

He's right...
Someone once told me that Victoria and Beast were the heart and soul of the team. I think that had alot to do with the fact that Bill and I took alot of time and care in our posts and shot them back and forth at each other sometimes 10-15 at a time on our record days.
But...because I've slowed many many seems everyone else is following that cue. Bill's been sick alot this year....and I'm pregnant. So we've both haven't had alot of time to do things. My new job has picked up so massively that I don't have time during work hours to check the boards anymore.
I more than anyone right now understand that real life takes a front seat. BELIEVE ME! I'm 3 months away from a lifetime of responsibility. BUT...I'm also one of the first people to jump in and post when I have a chance...and I still will.
I've got big plans for Victoria coming up soon, and the slower this game drags on, the longer it's taking!
Again, the more your characters interact with others, the more indepth they get. They become more than one dimensional letters on a page, they become something or someone you can relate to. Remember that...

Now, I'm off to dig the Phoenix out...excuse me.....

*waddles off the podium*
I just got to thinking, does everyone know that Logan's the master or just Hank, Victoria, & Paige? out of The Watch members anway, I'm thinking all the Punishers know that little bit of information. Because I can't for the life of me remember if it was mentioned before or just now in the group that's traveling on foot, and because it's midnight right now and I should be turning in I thought I'd just ask instead of going back through all the posts.

- Liz
I'm pretty sure just the travelling group as no one mentioned it before Vance did. One of the Punishers was about to inform everyone but was just off by Daredevil's ressurection.
Truth is correct, only the Westchester bound groups know this bit of info. Vance didn't mention the Master by name until after they left the brownstone.

So basically, the only two characters that don't know this fact are Tessa and Spider-man.
Okay, thanks for clearing that up for me guys ^_^
I’ll be going camping from Sept. 2-6, without internet access for the amount of time…so I give the GMs full reign over my characters while I’m gone.

~ Mandy
Ok, I have to ask...since no one has mentioned it.

Sinister's Diary... are you enjoying this or am I wasting my time building a backstory here?

Just wanted to ask, I haven't heard much feedback on it...and honestly..I love writing that sick twisted $^%#@.
I think it is a nice addition to your posts, Chanty. It is VERY sick and twisted (that is, if I'm reading it correctly.) Did Sinister raise you to be a daughter first and eventually a wife and lover? If so, you need to seek out help. I believe you have issues. Oh, wait! I know you do! You're part of MY family. Nevermind. Carry on.
Me? not me! Victoria... Geeze! LOL.

Anyway to answer your question. Victoria was raised under the guise of Sinister's daughter, but his intentions from the beginning were very clear. She was to be his partner in more ways than one.

Sick, yeah I am sick *cough sneeze* but I thought you knew that already!

Glad you guys like them, it's challenging to not cover stuff in those that I already have in the past. I've been writing Victoria for a year now, so if I skip into repeat mode sometimes, I know it's just bound to happen.

Is there anyone out there? I am interested in seeing where this story is going, but I think the group is going to need some more info as to what's happening. I am just asking...I mean no harm or ill will.
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