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Full Version: The Watch - Out of Character Thread
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I was thinking the same thing Wink but I know J has been super busy workwise (and I know how crappy that is.. it really eats into my creativity and energy so at night all i wanna do is crash) . hopefully we can all make some posts over the weekend and get the game moving along Smile
It's midnight here in southern Indiana and I am just now sitting down at the computer for the first time in almost a week. On top of my 9-5 and my usual domestic responsibilites, I have spent the last seven days designing AirRide Technologie's new line of T-shirts for their 2005 catalog. So I have had zero free time.

However, the good news is that a few minutes ago I put the last line of ink down on the last illustration I had to do. So I am officially free once more to resume my GM duties. But not tonight, its late. For now I am going to go get some rest, and I shall move the game along tomorrow night.

Thanks for understanding everybody,
good to hear J.. on top of impending fatherdom. talk about picking your priorities :p
Just so that everyone knows, I'm not being lazy and not posting recently. I kind of left Norrin in a state where I NEED the GM to tell me what happens next. I can't really continue until I see if my blasts hit Wolverine or not. I do realize how busy you are TMT, and I will wait for however long it takes. No rush. You have a lot to deal with right now. Plus, you have to make sure my niece is taken care of before you even THINK about some silly game.
First of all, I'd like to say DAMMIT!!!!! I was hoping my light speed SILVER battering ram would connect with logan and shatter his little fanged head!!!! Now that THAT'S out of my system, I would like to say WHOO HOO! My skin hurts the vamps. Not something I had really thought of. Way to go, Jeremiah! Very well thought out!

Now, however, I have a question. What will happen if Tessa completes the translation sucessfully? In the What If? comic you are basing this mission on, the translation when read in it's entireity kills ALL vampires on the planet no matter where they are or how powerful they've become. Will our mission end this abruptly or do you have a plan?
I have a plan. You know me well enough to realize that I don't do anything without a plan, son...hehehe... We'll just have to wait to see how it plays out.

As for the surfboard not connecting, I was dissapointed it didn't work as well. But you guys had some awful dice rolls that night. You play Clix, so you know that's how it goes some days. If not for the good dice rolls made on Enchantress' behalf, Hank would have gotten sliced and diced by Archangel, so count yourself lucky.

I hope everyone is enjoying this chapter, I know I am. I already have ideas for the next couple chapters, so look to be wrapping this one up soon.

I realize how much of a harsh mistress lady luck can be (especially concerining dice rolls) so it's quite allright. At first you don't succeed, try try again. I'm going to help take down Wolvie if it's the last thing I do!!! Now just to figure out how...
Hey guys...Just wanted to point out a few things.

One, R & J-Careful with that surfboard. Don't take the game too far into your own hands or else you'll feel the harsh hand of the GM. Trust me, I've been there and I'll dig out the transcripts of the Atlantis mission to prove it. (It's always a scary thing when your character bleeds to death on the floor)

I don't know if I addressed this before or not, but in the story I've been working on over in the BestSeller Club, it all takes place..AFTER this mission. Upon re-reading a few things here and there I think Bill made mention in one of his posts that Victoria had already gotten to go home. Sorry, that's my bad for not clarifying that more clearly.

and last but not least...I know TMT's got something cooked up but right now...he's furiously working on painting the baby's room and hasn't had much time of his own to sit down and post. With me on bedrest until next week (to keep me from going into labor) he's taken on the lion's share of everything.
Just curious. What do you mean, "be careful with that surfboard?" I'm not doing an action that is effecting anyone or anything. I'm just trying to put another twist on my character. Please clarify what you meant by that. I will be more than happy to make any necessary changes, but I didn't know we had to clear it through the GM to develop our characters. Maybe I just went about it the wrong way. I'll PM you here in a little bit to let you know what my intentions with Norrin are. I want it to be a suprise to everyone else, otherwise I would just say it here. Sorry to be secretive. This way you can also tell me if my character twist is acceptable or not. I don't want to bleed to death.
Ok folks, I just now had the chance to sit down and get caught up on everyone's posts. I like the aftermath posts you guys are doing. I wanted to give your characters a chance to interact a bit before we went right into the next chapter. I will move the game along in a day or so, depending on my availability and what you all choose to have your characters do.

And as for the surfboard thing, I don't see a problem with it. Although I am intrigued to find out where you are going with this.

So for now, post away, and try to get some character interaction going before I set you off on your next adventure. You have free reign to do whatever you like with the chapter now that the vampires have been defeated.
This here is a response in the name of the Silver one. The youngest brother screwed up the computer and the internet. Surfer will not be on until the problem has been resolved.
He was downloading Smurf porn again, wasn't he? :rofl:
*whistles and quietly recedes from the group*

YEAH! It's go home time. Well, it will be, soon. Hopefully. Can't wait to see what's in store for chapter 2.
Smurf porn aside...I hope you all have noticed that the first Chapter of The Watch is officially closed. I hope you all enjoyed the story and the character developement that came with it.

I do want to point out one thing though. A few of you, at different points in the game, had your characters lose consciousness. From now on, please allow me to make that call, whether or not your character passes out. If you want your character to collapse and "feel like they might pass out", that is fine, but a character's conscious state should be left up to the GM. Especially if your character has alternate powers based on this, in the case of SLVRSR4.

I don't mind that specific character development, but since it is kind of like playing two versions of one caharacter at the same time, I would like to hold some control over that. Of coarse that doesn't mean you can't PM me and request a loss of consciousness in order to add to the story.

Anyway...the first Chapter is closed now. In the last paragraph of Chapter One you get a brief hint at what Chapter Two might hold. I will get the next Chapter started tomorrow night. I have to finalize the story details in my head, and then figure out what characters will be called upon to go on the mission. Oh, and if he is up for it, we will be seeing the return of The Truth, and his amazing cast of characters to The Watch as well.
Chapter Two? Tomorrow Night!? The return of The Truth!?!

Dun dun duuunnnnnnn!!! :twisted:

Of course I'm up for it, but with the GM's permission I would like to do away with my Matua character and replace him with another. I believe you asked me some time ago if I would like to do so, and I replied that would indeed, but never actually told you which character. Well if said offer still stands I would like to take advantage of it now and throw a new character into the mix. My Matua didn't stray far enough from his roots for my liking...but this "guy" (notice the quotation marks around guy? Smile)......hehehehehe..............
All I can say is...

YAY! Deadpool's back!!

*does a happy dance*

For those of you who didn't get to play with Deadpool the last time he showed his face, you're in for a real treat! That is, if he sticks around. Wade tends to be kinda flakey.

In regards to my last GM post...

I am not exactly sure what your characters are wearing, so I will let you guys decide if Dr. Strange transformed your character's clothes or not.

I know that Victoria, Alex, Logan, and Cloak (with some manipulation) could probably pass for normal in their new surroundings.

I believe Franki and Danny are wearing their costumes, so I'm sure they would have been affected by the spell. Abbey is wearing her traditional Danger Girl outfit, which would probably be out of place in this reality, so she would likely be affected too. Barry's clothes are likely a bit too modern as well.

So I guess Paige is the odd girl out. I'm not sure what she is wearing, so I will leave thsi one up to Liz. If I am wrong in any of my assumptions, feel free to write your character's appearance however you see fit. PM me with any questions.

Just a head's up that come Wednesday I won't be on the web virtually at all till Sunday. Going over to realitives house for Thanksgiving the entire time, so my posting will cease from Wed to Sun. Sorry for the inconvience and have a Happy Thanksgiving (even if Christmas over shadows it)
You? YOU!
Hello? Hogun's got a stiffy for Victoria's Sword and you're worried about Danny dying???

I'm more worried about having a replay of Atlantis all over again!

*Sigh* why does she always bleed so freely???
Haha, I remember that. Sprawled across the lab floor, all bloody.

That just made me come off as a sadistic freak didn't it? Anyway, I hope Barry doesn't die. Tongue
I'm sorry! I don't want any of you to die either! (well, except for maybe Logan. He's a male body part used for fornication.) I know, I know. He's supposed to be that way. It's just his character, but that guy is an @$$. May we all live on to see the next challenge!
It's gone! Finally it's gone!!!

For those of you who didn't know, I've been planning on ditching the Phoenix Force for some time now. It's a pain in the arse to write and I get tired of the same old reactions I get writing it.

This plan has been in the works for over a year now, I'm just glad it's finally come about.

Things are a'changin'......mwhahahaa!
I know you were growing tired of the Phoenix based reaction posts, but I felt it would have been unfit to have a character such as mine not react in some way. But it's over with now so at least you wont have to worry about any more Phoenix related posts from me.

Unless of course we end up fighting it.....
Cannonball was right!

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