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Full Version: What is the WORST comic you've read recently and why?
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I would have to say that the WORST comic that I have had the displeasure of reading lately, and I know you will disagree with me honey, is Ultimate Fantastic Four. Don't get me wrong. In actuality, it's storyline is one of the best I have read lately, but to anyone who is a classic marvel buff, and you are reading this comic, and are up to date with the newest issues, you will have the same reaction that I am. WHAT THE @$^!$% ARE THEY DOING TO DR. DOOM?! Nova keeps saying to give it time and that I might eventually grow to like it or they might continue to change him, but THAT is not MY Dr. Doom, and until they make a change for the better, this book will remain on my poop list.

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Anything written by Grant Morrison.


No seriously...

In that catagory as well, Chanty -

Seaguy, the worst in a long time. All promise and no delivery. What burns me up is he got paid for it and he'll work for DC again.


I picked it up hoping it'd be a bit like the Gen13 I'd known and loved and lost (twice). And while it does share a few similarities here and there, it just didn't click for me.
Ok ok, if that's the case, the worst book I've read lately...
Probably Captain Marvel. It used to be a great book, but now it's degraded into.."uh, why do I buy this?" which isn't a big deal since it's cancelled now anyway.
I would have to agree. Of all the books I regularly read, Captain Marvel is the one that interests me the least anymore.

My brother turned me on to this gem right after he read issue #1, and I took the bait. As a fan of the character from the Avengers Forever mini-series, and of Peter David's writing from his years on the Hulk and his numerous Star Trek novels, it was an easy sell. I bought up each and every issue and clamoured for more. The mix of high adventure and comedy was a delight.

But then the book switched focus. Marv's powers overwhelmed him and drove him to madness. In order to bolster languishing sales, the book did a complete one-eighty, but I stuck it out hoping for the best. I was happy that I did, because while it was no longer all that funny, it was still a compelling book. Little did I know though, it was the beginning of the end.

While the new direction started strong, it slowly fizzled. I felt like Peter David worked himself into a corner that he couldn't figure out how to get out of. One overly contrived story after another kept finding their way into my once favorite book, leaving me to wonder what happened. It has since had its ups and downs, with one issue entertaining me, while the next would leave me wanting.

Horribly inconsistant and lacking any kind of direction, I am sorry to say that I won't be sorry to see this book go. Thanks for another great read Peter, it was fun while it lasted.
I would have to say Exiles. I love the book, and I love the characters, but why on earth did they put Beak on the team and get rid of Nocturne?
The WORST book I've read recently has to be Excalibur #2. They have to go in and mop up after Grant Morrison *Cough! Cough! Drug Addict Cough!* got done writing New X-Men, and they didn't even come up with GOOD excuses for his poor writing! They even somehow managed to make things almost worse off than when they started! Makes me speculative to pick up #3.
The last issue of the Witches mini ranks up (or perhaps I should say down) there because it was a gawdawful ending to an otherwise really fun story Tongue

GL 180, I'll stick a spoiler tag on this in case anyone hasn't seen this story yet & & doesn't want it spoiled prematurely [spoiler]After finding his gf killed & stuffed in his fridge early in his heroic career, guess what Kyle found in this issue: his mom killed & stuffed in his oven! When a writer parodies his own shock value, you've got to seriously pity him.[/spoiler]
Agreed, Maxine, Green Lantern #180. I think Ron Marz did it only to prove he hadn't yet scrapped the bottom of the barrel in his career yet.

Glenn Walker
My new worst comic is the Identity DISC series from Marvel. It's not a HORRIBLE story. I like the characters, but Robert Rodi just isn't capturing the magic of them quite the way I had hoped. Deadpool remains fairly quiet throughout the story, and as anybody who knows him, that is never true. He did have one extremely funny moment, however when he wouldn't shut up, and Bullseye kept severing his vocal chords with common household objects. Deadpool's healing factor kicked in, and he then continued talking. That was about the most he spoke up. The biggest reason that this one is on my !@$#@ list, however, is because it just "happened" to come out at the same time DC's Identity CRISIS came out. Believe me, for all that aren't reading it. IDENTITY CRISIS overshadows EVERYTHING I'm currently reading as my favorite book right now. Marvel's attempt to share the spotlight leaves a sour taste in my mouth. Bear in mind that I'm also one of the worlds largest Marvel zombies.
The worst, and I mean ABSOLUTE WORST comic I've ever read would probably be the last comic series I ever read.

I, for as long as I have been able to know the difference between breast milk and spaghetti, have been a HUGE Batman fanatic. I had/read every comic. I followed every series, read every graphic novel, watched every movie. That is, right up until the conclusion of the Knightfall series. Ok, so I admit, I am a purist. I cared nothing for the 'Jean-Paul Valley' version of Batman, in comparison to Bruce Wayne. Though I think it would have been awesome for HIM to be Batman's sidekick, instead of that perpetually pubescent twerp whose name I will not mention (I'd sooner confess the existence of a second Highlander movie). But I did enjoy the Knightfall saga, that is, until they brought Bruce Wayne back. Now, hear me out. I'm not upset that they brought him back. I'm pissed at the fact that they had to create such a ridiculous storyline to do it. I mean, he makes it with a shaman healer, and BOOM! he can walk again? Come on, give me a break. That was the most ridiculous comeback, the most pathetic resolution of a series I have EVER seen. It left such a bad taste in my mouth, I quit reading. I haven't picked up a comic since. I just can't get into it anymore. Don't get me wrong. I still like XMEN, Spidey, and the like. I just can't see investing that much of myself getting involved in a storyline again. Maybe someday I'll get over the sting of the bad experience. Maybe someone will lead me to a better way........
They killed Superboy...those #@%#$ ! ...that's all I have to say on the matter. :evil:
AngelRogue-They've killed Superman too. You should know by now that dead doesn't always mean dead. Hell, look at Jason Todd!

I don't think we've seen the end of Superboy. He's been around for far to long just to be "off'd" on a whim.
I know, but there was no possible way they could avoid bringing Superman back. Superboy however...not so big a fanbase. It make me worried. :?
I have to say of recent, the worst book I've read would be the X-men the End stuff. But I've ranted about that already.

I don't know, Superboy had enough of a fanbase to have his own book, a short lived tv show, and was smokin' hot. :wink: I wouldn't mind seeing him come back. But I still think, like everything else in the Superman universe, he won't stay dead.
I agree with my partner in crime, that X-Men: The End is by far the worst thing I have read in the past year. And what makes it worse, you ask? That I bought and read all 18 issues of the damned thing, and I knew after 3 issues that it wasn't going anywhere. I guess I was hoping that the comic gods would bestow their touch upon it somewhere along the way and save it from its creators. But all the book ended up doing was to land Chris Claremont on my "Never Again" list right alongside Grant Morrison. Come on boys, whats so hard about writing the X-Men?

Oh and as far as Superboy goes, I wouldn't be surprised if he stayed dead, or if he came back. I think he is one of those fringe characters that could go either way. But, I think I did read something about a plotline in DC's 52 about a cult that is determined to bring the Boy of Steel back from the dead? Anybody else hear about this? If so, start a thread about it over in the Fortress of Solitude. I would like to hear the details.

Not only does it read like a drunken fanboy trying to ape 52, but it would be nice if they could get an artist who could keep characters straight from one scene to the next... or dare I say it, maybe they should just get an artist who can draw period.