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Full Version: He's Local, he's our Hero...and he's having a Birthday!
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Just wanted to wish our resident computer expert, web designer, all around happy Scot a wonderful Birthday (Sunday August 15)



Hope you have a wonderful one hon! :wink:
I'll be at Wizard World Chicago that day, but Happy early birthday to you Bill!
If I don't get a chance to check back in before Sunday - Happy birthday, man! :-)

I would just like to take this opportunity... sloshed as i am(girls at work dragged me out for a drink or five or six...) heh.. I was so bad I ended up chatting up some lass at the bus stop.. the bus arrived and I remembered I left my coat in mcdonalds... rushed off to get it..the security lass in the shop took a fancy to me(well scary.. she was bigger than i am( difficult) I struck out with the bus stop lass(getting home came first... so I came not at all.. as it were)... and I was doing so well...*sigh*

edit: ..erm.. as I was saying(before I got distracted) I would like tae say thanks tae ye all
Happy Birthday Hero!!!!

(couldn't let the day pass without saying it!)
Happy B-Day Local!
Happy B-day Local! Loved that amusing birthday story also, it made me laugh ^_^
Happy Birthday Local, hopes its a good one ^_^
Happy Birthday, man Smile
Happy birthday Loc.

And don't sweat getting distracted. Happens to the best of us.Wink
Well Crap! I knew there was something on my to do list!

I hope you had a great birthday! As soon as all this stuff settles down, I'll be shipping you the requiste box of Oreo cookies/biscuits.
heh, thanks a lot Wink it was a quiet day - got to watch what i do now that i'm an old man
Happy happy, man. Big Grin