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Full Version: Not Fan Art.. but Art for Fans
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Found a pic that you think the other fans here at CU would love? Then this is the thread to post a link to it in.

I will start the ball rolling with this little beauty that will grace the cover of September 2004 Wizard - Pencils by Jim Lee, Paints by Alex Ross. Just goes to show their is a god and he is a comic fan too Wink

Check out the rest of the art at Comic Art Community
Wow! I went there and was way impressed! Big Grin
I had no idea Greg Land did so much work for Marvel...
I don't know about anyone else but I get directed to disney's home page when I click on the link.
That is odd...I just clicked it again and it sent me to the proper page.

And yes, after leaving DC and then Crossgen, Greg Land has been exclusive to Marvel (I think). He has been doing a ton of there cover art, specifically a lot of their mutant books, but he also did the Phoenix: End Song mini series which was, of coarse, fabulous and exquisitely pencilled.
ok...I have now tried that link on two different computers and I am still getting the disney homepage. I really really want to see this picture, but someone doesn't want me too.
I've clicked it too and gotten to the right page. Interesting....