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Full Version: Batman: Hush 'Action' Figures
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Well I have a few of the first wave of these and although I think branding them as 'action' figures is really skirting the edges as far as the sale of goods act goes (there really ain't a lot of action in them, especially when you compare them to a marvel legend's figure) nevertheless the sculpt quality seems to match Jim Lee's original artwork pretty well and the ones I have look good standing together.


I didn't pick up Poison Ivy, the sculpt on this one just didn't appeal to me, even for the sake of a complete set of wave 1.

Now I see wave 2 is out, and I guess I might just splash out on a few of these:

Ivy Infected Superman
Harley Quinn
Cat Woman

Supes, Harley & Selina especially catch my eye as potentially looking good on my shelf.

what about the rest of you, any thoughts on this set of figures?
Thor says the series 2 are great, but series 3 is even better...
If I could find pics...but, they are...Alfred, Commissioner Gordon, Scarecrow, and a couple of others he can't remember.

Although, I'm going to have to have Harley...Just for the sake of saying I have her to go up on the shelf with my other Harley action figure I have autographed by the lady who did her voice in the cartoons.