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I had the wonderful fortune to be able to see the encore showing of the first two hours of 'Lost' on ABC last night. I had been hearing all of the wonderful reviews of this new show, and really wanted to see what the hype was all about. The only problem was that it is up against Smallville on Wednesday nights. Now, while I feel that Smallville is slipping a little in its fourth season, I am not ready to give up on it just yet. And due to an odd fluke in our Satellite system, we are not able to record one show while watching another. So I figured I was doomed to never seeing Lost. But then I read that ABC was rerunning it on Saturday night, and I couldn't be happier.

The show is based on 46 (or so) survivors of a mysterious plane crash that are now stranded on a tropical island. But what we don't know going in is that there is more than meets the eye to this island. There are unseen dangers in the jungle and they have taken at least one victim so far, leaving him dead in the tree tops. I won't give up much more than that.

It is a fairly simple premise actually, but where it comes into greatness is in the writing. The characters, of which there are many, all seem to have fully fleshed out personalities. In a matter of two hours we get to know most of them pretty quickly and learn to love/hate many of them. The show is fairly slow paced, giving plenty of time for the stroies to develop. Between the pacing and the vast amount of charaters to explore, I can see this show sticking around for a while. I now know I will be torn on Wednesday nights when it comes time to decide what to watch.
[spoiler]from what I've seen, it seems like they landed on Jurassic Park, and they've got Dinosaurs eating them and chasing after them. Can you confirm or deny this? I've only seen about 30 minutes of the first episode.[/spoiler]
Here's an answer to your question....

[spoiler]The obvious conclusion that most people have jumped to is that the "creature" is a dinosaur. Although no one has actually seen the beast yet, so there is no way to know for sure. Personally I hope it is not a dinosaur, because that would be too easy an explanation. We'll just have to wait and find out. There is definately something strange about the place though. Because lets be many times have you found a polar bear on a tropical island? That is exactly what happened in the second episode. Intriguing to say the least.[/spoiler]
[spoiler]The only reason I came to that conclusion is because the Pilot was plucked out of the cockpit in the first episode. Not only was he removed with ease, but the fuselage of the plane was tipped at approxmately a 45 degree angle pointing up into the treetops. They heard a thunderous booming thing approaching and then he was gone. All eated up. Dinosaurs seemed like a logical explanation, since they would be about the only thing large enough to reach those heights and remove a man with such ease from where he stood.[/spoiler]
[spoiler]I'll put this in a spoiler tag just for the sake of it, but on the whole creatures being Dinosaurs thing I read an interview with J.J Abrams about the show and when asked if the creatures were dino's he flat out said they aren't. So I'm thinking they aren't, which I'm really thrilled about because if they were dinosaurs that'd have been so freakin' cliche and predictable.[/spoiler]

Anyway, I've watched this show from the beginning and so far find it well written and intriguing. The mere fact that they've got about 14 regulars and various other people who pop up throughout the episodes is amazing, to be able to have a cast that large and still be able to make each character unique and interesting is great.
Firstly, I found this disturbingly amusing website for Charlie's band DriveShaft:, that's obsession right there.

What is everybody's thoughts on the show lately?

Oh, and lastly: favorite characters?

[spoiler]This show has increasingly become one of my favorite shows on T.V., if not my absolute favorite, replacing Smallville as my show to watch on Wednesday. The story is awesome, the character development is superb, and each episode leaves you hooked and wanting more. It's like wednesday can't get here fast enough. My two favorite characters thus far are Locke, Charlie, and the blond dude (can't spell his name so won't even try). [Before I go any further, I want you all to know that what I'm going to discuss is possible spoiler material, so the spoiler tag wasn't a mistake].
Locke - so far, his flash back and past history is my favorite. The way he experienced his miracle and became uncrippled(which is scientifically possible) was just amazing, and the fact that you had no idea he was crippled till the end. Just awesome.
Charlie - Part of my like for him is that he was in LOTR trilogy. Really like the actor and does a great job of portraying his character.
Blonde guy - He is probably my favorite at the moment, simply becuase he's, in my opinion, the greatest mystery out of all the characters (though it looks like his flash backs will be shown next Wednesday). Constantly he has acted like a complete a-hole. He's selfish, self centered, arogant, cocky, and over all a real jerk. Nobody likes him and everyone looks at him with contempt and mistrust. Yet, on various occasions, we have seen that this is not the real him. This is merely a wall, a barricade to keep people out and from protecting his real feelings. Near the begining of the series we saw him reading a letter and crying lakes. Then when he tried to kill the martial to spare him the pain of a slow and agonizing death, and failed, he nearly fell apart as well. Kate's comments this wednesday got to him, as we saw small signs of his bad boy facade waver, weaken. Plus, though he hides it well, he's been there to help the others, shooting of the bottle rocket, flipping the switch, comforting Kate. Its this very personality that intrigues me so much and makes me want to find out why he does what he does. Hopefully, this Wednesday, some light will be shed on that mystery.
Also, this is a spoiler warning. I may believe that my mom has figured out the island. My mom has come to the theory, that the island is not really a real island. In fact, she believes that the people aren't even alive. They've died, deceased, no longer among the world of the living. However, each character has his or her own personal delimma, there own demons. So instead of going to heaven or hell, they're in Purgatory, or the island, and are there till they resolve their demons. It's not as far fetched as it sounds. Much evidence supports this theory. Locke is a big one. Early on his past demon was in handicappedness and his unfulfilled destiny. While the others saw the crash as a curse, he saw it as a blessing because it had cured him of his disability. Later on, he completed his destiny to go on the trip, to kill a boar. He had conquered his demon. So after, we see that Mr. Locke is suddenly filled with faith, is suddenly a guide and aide to the other members, like Jack and Charlie. My mom believes that Locke has conquered his demons, and now his religous mission is to help the others do the same. Plus, the fact that Locke was face to face with this 'creature' and survived also raises an eyebrow. Everyone else has fallen prey to it, where he survived unscathed. This brings up the question, what if it's not a real creature? What if it's something else, and what if it was Locke's attitude of seeing the plane crash as a blessing and going after his destiny that allowed him to survive? Tis a good theory and one that may prove to be true in the end, but we'll have to wait and see.
Overall, an excellent series. It has made me a loyal fan, one who will be there till the series finale.[/spoiler]
Ok, my favorite character on Lost... easily is Locke.
I don't know, something about the mysteriousness the guy had to him in the early episodes, and now that you know his just makes it all the more interesting.
Ok, we haven't had a Lost update in a while.

The episode where Claire goes missing and Jack and Kate find Charlie hanging by the neck... I was crying like a baby!
Granted, it might have been the pre-labor hormones, but I doubt it.

Of late, I think my favorite characters would have to be Locke, Sawyer, Sayid and Boone. Who was more than a little freaked out by the whole "Pietro/Wanda" episode of Lost with Shannon and Boone?
Ok, what's in the hatch?

It's been a while since we've had a LOST update.

Boone's dead...Walt's burned one raft...Kate's poisoning people...and Sawyer makes a good babysitter.

Anyone see last nights season premier of LOST?

I was on the edge of my seat all night! It was great!
I'm hoping to wake you guys up here.

Anyone watching this as avidly as Thor and I? Theories? Favorites? Hello? Bueller... Bueller... Bueller....?
With the wrap up of season two, I am still as hooked on this show as I have always been. The writing and acting is top notch, and the surprises waiting around every corner never disappoint.

A rundown of the Season 2 finale...

What happened in the hatch? Did the trio inside survive?

Where are the Others taking their prisoners and what do they have in store for them?

Is Michael gone forever?

What's the deal with the four-toed statue?

Will Hurley make it back across the island ok?

What's up with Libby anyway? Will we ever get the answers now that she is dead?

These questions and more will have to wait 3 months until next season....oh the humanity!