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Ok, I'll admit it. I haven't watched much Smallville all season. I religiously watched Seasons 1-2, but I just couldn't grab much interest in season 3 other than the Lex stuff...


So, fill me in! What's been going on? I know all about the Adam Knight deal...I found that rather lame to be honest...but spill it, what's going on?
Well...from what i gather...oh wait... ~SPOILERS FOR NON US VEIWERS BELOW~!!!!

Anyway....the Adam Knight thing seems to be the talk of the season for the most part. Sure there have some other side stories like Pete and his street racing, but for the most part it's all about Clark vs Liverboy. Yeah...I call him Liverboy. Lionel Luthor's dead set on finding a way to use that special serum of his to because as we just found out in the last episode.

[spoiler]He's come down with a rare liver disease that is going to kill him quite possibly in the next year. At the conclusion of the last episode we see him pull out a gun and slip it into his mouth, just before the screen goes black.[/spoiler]

And yes...while the whole Adam Knight has been wearing a bit thin....I think they might be ready to move onto something else now since...

[spoiler]Adam died shortly after trying to kill Lana[/spoiler]

Ok. That's the end of my post.
Thanks for the update Truth. I really gotta try to catch it in reruns. I have a feeling my parents got me season 1 and 2 on DVD for my birthday, but I'm already caught up on those.
Have you ever been to the WB's website for Smallville? I used to enjoy reading through the classified section of the "newspaper" on there, gleaning out clues to the next episode.
Gotta wake this thread up!

Smallville's season premier is on September 22nd.
And from some of the spoilers I've heard about upcoming episodes this year, I'm looking forward to it.

We are getting Lois Lane this season, coming to Smallville to investigate her cousin Chloe's death/disappearance. I've also read that we are going to get a Kid Flash episode with Bart Allen in it. (I can't find the details right now but I'll keep my eyes open).

But, I'm just curious as to exactly how they are going to wrap up everything that happened in the season finale.
You know....I can't even remember the season finale. I think I may have missed it entirely. Chloe's dissappeared? Lois is coming to Smallville? Bart Allen's got superspeed before Barry?

What the fuzzy?

And wans't a Bruce Wayne supposed to show up at some point? I think I remember reading an interview with the writers where they said they'd love to use him in an episode. Guess they have enough material to work with given the Lois and Allen characters coming to town.
The season finale culminated last year in Chloe's new house exploding just as she and her father entered it, Lana leaving for Paris, Jonathan is in a coma, Lex collapsing after drinking some possibly poisoned wine and Lionel Luthor sitting in jail grinning after being found guilty for murdering his parents.

Oh yeah, and I think Clark ended up entering a hole in the cave wall, joining Jor-el on the other side.
And I just read a report on Comics Continuum that Margot Kidder (Lois Lane in the movies) is going to have a couple of cameos this season as well.
Commercials for season primere show Lois Lane finding a ... unclothed Clark Kent in a burnt portion of a corn field.

(It's always the corn fields....)

Anyway, liked season three (jaw hit the floor when Chloe's house blew) and can't wait for season four.

Anyone see the Lex Luthor focussed episode two days ago? The one where he's going in Dr. Ryan's treatments to get back his 7 weeks and ends up seeing repressed memories of Julian dying and what not.
One of my faves.
I've seen that one and it was indeed gripping, though I think the most powerful moment came later when he confronted his father about it, explaining what really happened to his brother and why he did what he did.

I have yet to see a commercial for the new season, but I have seen an add for it in a comic. One I just bought today as a matter of fact. It shows a large Image of Clark above a pretty young lady giving the impression that he's in flight and the caption/wording reads

"It was only a matter of time until....
I watched the show on ans off for the first 3 seasons, but I am hoping to catch up with season 4. If anyone can email me a good synopsis of season 3 it would be much appreciated.
Ok, watched the season opener last week and I have to say I was more than a little disappointed.

1. How many times can we see Jonathan Kent in the hospital? Really? It's becoming old.
2. Why is it EVERY artifact that's found has some sort of Kryptonian history to it? Ancient Egyptian, American Indian? Esh. Incorporate a little bit of history from some OTHER DC characters in there.
3. Clark automatically assuming because Chloe's body wasn't in her grave that she wasn't Dead. Hello? He wasn't even around for the explosion, funeral or otherwise. How are we NOT to assume that with an explosion that grand, her body didn't incinerate?
4. Black Kryptonite?
5. If that's a Kryptonian Glyph on Lana's back. I'm giving up. I thought it might be interesting and I passed my theory off to J... what if it's Amazonian? Lana's new boyfriend did say that the Saint was a warrior queen....would be nice to see them go that way with it, but somehow I doubt it will happen.

See, when I can nitpick stuff that bad, I don't think I need to be watching....even for Lex at this point.
Yeah, I agree. Smallville's season four opener was disapointing to me. Have you noticed that all the crappy stuff that happens to Clark
[spoiler]Putting on the red kryptonite after baby died, being 'reborn', etc.[/spoiler]
happens conviently during his three month summer break? It's like Jor-el sets his calendar clock for June and waits till then to do his big scheme.
But yeah, there were too many things, little things that grew in number that ruined my enjoyment of the episode.
[spoiler]especially all the references to the old superman sayings and stuff. 'What is that? A bird? A plane?' How many of those were there? Like ten I think. And what the hey is black Kryptonite??? Next we're going to have a purple kryptonite, then a orange, then turquoise. And I agree with Chanty on how it's mighty annoying that all ancient sculptors or drawings for that matter, all happen to be connected to Krypton and all are invoked with mystical powers. 'look at me, I'm tracing a picture. Oh no!! It's mystical too!!'[/spoiler]
Just too much stuff like that that ruined my enjoyment of the episode. And I wasn't really buying Lois' character.
[spoiler]though the slow mo thing when he flew was cool. probably only high light of episode.[/spoiler]
I'm with you there SB. There are entirely too many Kryptonite related incidents in the show anymore.
I wanna see some other DC universe stuff show up. Give me some Martian relics, or a Amazonian princess or two...
Yes, I know we are getting a version of "Flash" and I read on Comics Continuum that Mxyzptlk will show up in some form this season. I can't remember the exact thing the article said, but they did say they are going to play him off as a "Loki type trickster" *using my own words there*
With all the cave relics and kryptonian relics on earth you'd start to get the feeling humanity was spawned from Kryptonians and they knew their planet was going to die and they knew that Clark would be the sole survivor and they knew he'd land on earth, be raised by the Kents, and become Superman. Of course, if they did know all this one would have to ask why the heck they didn't do something to keep themselves from dying in the first place. It's just too far fetched, even for comics.
Yeah, I read those articles too. Glad we're getting a cameo of other D.C. characters.
[spoiler]There is a rumor...rumor mind you, that Bruce Wayne will also appear in the season.[/spoiler]

Hey, I only got to see the last half of today's Smallville (episode 2 of season 4), partially because I got home late and partially because I was watching Lost during Smallville commercials (heckuva a show, though I'm afraid the beast is gonna be a dinosaur or something stupid like that) but would anyone care to fill me in on the first half of the episode.

Oh, and before I end this post, next week's episode looks really dumb. I really hate how Smallville is becoming more and more dependant on sex appeal. I'd rather have great episodes like in season 1 and 2 that a bunch of episodes with the characters striking several different sexy poses and making out for five minutes. If I wanted to see that, I'd go to websites or something. But I don't. I want a good story and good character development, so let's go back that way with the show please. (really really missing the good 'ol Lex and Lionel talks that were so well thought out and developed. really liked those. Their talks are so short now and just trival threats and small talk).

Okay, that's my rant for the day. Post is
I didn't even watch last nights episode SB! I heard snippets from the kitchen as I was ironing and was like "What the &$%^ are they doing now?"
Yeah, the whole first season was a setup for what was to come and I really liked it. However, this has quickly turned into Dawson's Creek.
From the last hour I caught some kid named Trent or something has the power to transform his body into metal weapons and liquid metal, like the robot on Terminator 2. Lionel kinda manipulates him into trying to off Chloe, put Clark (with Lois's help) kills him and rescues Chloe and now Lionel's on death row. Then that Jason guy comes to stay with Lana at the end of the ep and Clark is still po'ed at Lex. Again, only last half of show so I'm still a little grey on some areas (like how the kid got his powers and how Chloe survived the explosion, etc.)

It was okay. Still missing Lex/Lionel chats and not liking Lois's last minute save (she somehow got an electric gun and fired it at Trent) and really didn't like how Clark could kill Trent so nonchalantly. It was okay. Next weeks looks terrible but I'll probably end up watching it. I'm a loyalist. Even when the Chiefs are getting killed (like they have been lately) I still watch. Just how I am. Ugh. [/spoiler]
Most. Flash references in a 26 second period. Ever!!


But seriously...I actually liked this episode. Granted it's the only ep I've seen this season, but I really enjoyed the cameo character. Not exactly the direction I thought they were going to take him in, but all in all I think it fits. And may I also say that I was quite pleased with that final scene. They said they were going to settle once and for all who was faster, and at this point I don't think there's any dispute.
I agree wholeheartedly. This weeks episode was very very good. The comic geek referances were spot on, my favorite of which being, "Maybe we could start a club or a league or something?" I sat straight up in my chair when he said that.

My only sticking point of this season has been the seemingly endless instances of Kryptonian symbols popping up in the least likely places. All over the world, artifacts have been popping up with these glyphs on them. It seemed far fetched and silly. But now I see that the show is addresssing this fact with the obvious question, "How can this be?" That's what I want to know, and I am happy they are asking the same question. As long as all of this Kryptonian stuff is leading somewhere, I am fine with it. My prediction...[spoiler]Clark is being led to find the Fortress of Solitude by seasons end.[/spoiler] I guess I'll just have to watch each week and find out what they have up their sleeves.
I've only watched the show a handful of times since it's been on and I get the concept of no costume, etc., but I have one question regarding upcoming rumors...

[spoiler] Can someone please explain to me how we can have possible appearances by Mxylptlk and Metallo when we have yet to even see (or may never see) Superboy yet????? [/spoiler]

My continuity sense is going berserk!!!!

Because it's set in it's own continuity and thus doesn't have to follow the comics timeline if it doesn't want to.

It's the same with all television adaptations of comic properties, because that's what they are. Adaptations. I mean, I know I wouldn't want to watch an exact translation of a comic I've already read. What would be the point? Allowing shows like this to take liberies like those is what makes them interesting.
The Truth Wrote:Because it's set in it's own continuity and thus doesn't have to follow the comics timeline if it doesn't want to.

It's the same with all television adaptations of comic properties, because that's what they are. Adaptations. I mean, I know I wouldn't want to watch an exact translation of a comic I've already read. What would be the point? Allowing shows like this to take liberies like those is what makes them interesting.

No, you're absolutely correct, Truth, but it should be one or the other. If you're going to divorce yourself from all the spandex and comic book conventions - stay that way! That's all I'm saying.

[spoiler] No Superboy? No Mxlptlk! [/spoiler]

I wish I had seen Wednesday's episode. I've been sick lately so sad to say I missed it as it actually sounded promising and not having to revolve around sexual attraction to sell itself. Ugh. And it sounds like they're actually addressing all the Kryptonian symbols everywhere (according to what you guys said). Poo. Oh well. Reruns start in a few months I'll catch it then.
I've seen photos of "Krypto" for an upcoming episode and I'm not impressed.
He doesn't LOOK like a "Krypto." They chose a Irish Setter! WTF?

I'm so disappointed in Smallville anymore. It used to be my favorite TV show... but now, I watch LOST on Wednesday nights and tape Smallville if it looks remotely interesting.

It's gotten too Dawson's Creek for me.
So I started watching the new season and I'm glad I did.

Leave out all the Lana as a Witch crap, leave out all the Kryptonite based bad guys...

Give me the Fortress of Solitude and the minions of ZOD anyday!
Another new season starts this week. Looking forward to the conclusion of the Luthor/Zod thing. And are we ready for Green Arrow (and the Justice League?!) ? Thoughts?

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