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Full Version: Cable and Deadpool
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Ok, after getting past the Liefeld covers that graced the first few issues, I am starting to enjoy this book. Nicieza's writing is perfect as always and Patrick Zircher's pencils, which I have been a fan of ever since he replaced Mark Bagley on Thunderbolts, are a joy to behold. They are made all the better in fact by Udon's masterful inkers and colorists.

The first story arc was just so-so for me, but the conclusion was terrific. It solidly set up the book, and gave all the reasons we need for the question, "Why are these guys sharing a title?" Their literal bond becomes clear at the conclusion of the first arc, not to mention they are wonderful polar opposites that drive the book nicely. Not to mention driving each other bonkers.

This is a book, similar to Superman/Batman, where the writer, Fabien Nicieza, can just go nuts. He is dealing with two super popular characters that know just about everybody in the Marvel Universe. So plenty of guest stars and cameos are to be expected and celebrated. Such as the formation of the New Six Pack at the end of #7. A couple of new faces put together with some old standbyes make me clamour for the next issue.

My only complaint, and it is an admitted big one, is the insane power level that Cable has attained. I know it came about as a result of some fairly recent stories that I apparently missed, but the guy's level of power is god like. And unlike Superman, he doesn't have the charisma or years of nostalgic affinity that Big Blue carries with him. But I will overlook this gripe for now, and just enjoy the book for what it is. A celebration of 90's gun toting mutant bad asses.
I picked up the first trade the other week there and it was an enjoyable read with nice art.. i do wish they had left liefeld off the covers too..
I think I'm going ot have to compile a good list of "Wade-isms" from this book. Each time we get it, I've laughed my arse off at it. Granted, I'm not a Cable fan at all, so I could care less what happens to him or with him. But god.

I know the end is near (or already in the box of comics that should be delivered to me this week)... and it's sad. I wish they'd give Wade his own book again.