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Full Version: The Pulse
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I don't know if I'm the only one on the face of the planet reading this book or not, but for all those who aren't, it is a non-Marvel MAX book that picks up where ALIAS left off. It doesn't quite have the same Noir feel to it that Alias did, but that's because the art changed from the very rough and gritty Michael Gaydos to the more colorful Mark Bagley. It has kind of lost it's hard hitting edge by switching over to a non MAX book, but really all it has lost is the gratuitous swearing. I think that in ALIAS, Bendis just wanted to see how many expletives he could fit per page, so it really didn't take away from the story at all when it became the Pulse. The story has been superb, and it is planted firmly in the roots of the Spider-verse, since Jessica Jones is now working at the Daily Bugle as a Columnist for a special "All super-hero" section of the paper. Her other coworkers that work on the column are Ben Urich and Kat Farell (a character from previous Marvel mini-series: Deadline.) It is a real pleasure to read, and I recommend it.