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Full Version: Storming the Gates Of Heaven
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I LOVE Fantastic Four!
The storys are great, and Mark Waid is a GOD!
*say it with me Kids, WAID RULES ALL HE SURVEYS!*

The guy really has the Midas touch with Fantastic Four. Unthinkable was awesome and I didn't think he'd be able to top that.
Then came Authoritative Action...which I did like, the FF in Latveria...BRILLANT!

Now...with STGOH....I'm just left speechless.

Feel free to post your ideas, theories, spoilers *with tags* and anything else. I'm interested to see everyone else's view on this book.
just finished reading Authoritive Action.. and the last line in the book had me grinning like a cheshire cat. Waid has to be about the best comic writer out there today.
The last part of STGOH was inspiration at it's finest. WHO ELSE WOULD THE CREATOR LOOK LIKE? That's what I had him pegged for, I'll tell you what.