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Full Version: Justice League Unlimited Season 3 Debut (SPOILERS)
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Season 3 of JLU started tonight with not one, but TWO brand spankin' new episodes featuring the return of old fan favorites Lex Luthor and Gorrila Grood in the first, and the possible debut of a new hero in the second.

I don't want to discuss plot points and spoil the story for those who haven't seen it here in the first post, but for those of us you who were fortunate enough to catch it...

Thoughts? Concerns? Comments?

And while I don't want to spoil any of the first two episodes, I will spoil on thing I noticed at the end of the second episode....

[spoiler]Supergirl is going to be donning her current comic book attire.

One the one hand, I'm happy they're losing the Mickey Mouse gloves and making her more up to date, but on the other, those silly gloves and white t-shirt look was classic for her animated self.[/spoiler]
One word for ya


I'm psyched about that...and SuperGirl's new look. It was nice to see Flash as well.

Here's a rundown from Aint it Cool News of upcoming JLU

I AM LEGION (9/17 10 p.m.) The Legion of Doom springs Lex Luthor from jail and asks him to join up.
SHADOW OF THE HAWK (9/17 10:30 p.m.) Batman gets his batbriefs in a bunch when he learns Hawkgirl’s new romantic interest, Carter Hall, has ties to the evil planet Thanagar.
CHAOS AT EARTH’S CORE (9/24 10 p.m.) Green Lantern, Stargirl and Supergirl journey to Skartaris, where they meet a new hero, The Warlord.
TO ANOTHER SHORE (9/24 10:30 p.m.) Wonder Woman comes upon a plot to steal the powers of the Viking Prince’s 3,000-year-old corpse.
FLASH AND SUBSTANCE (TBA) Ne’er-do-wells attend the grand opening of the Flash Museum.
DEAD RECKONING (TBA) Deceased circus performer Boston Brand (aka Deadman) seeks the aid of the league.
PATRIOT ACT (TBA) It’s up to Green Arrow and a bunch of other non-powered superheroes to stop the super-soldier menacing Metropolis.
THE GREAT BRAIN ROBBERY (TBA) With perhaps a nod to Michael Rosenbaum’s role on “Smallville,” Wally and Lex switch brains.
So happy to see Hawkman, the real Hawkman, the Legion of Doom, a Silver Age-ish Key, Fire with a Brazillian accent, the Shadow Thief - so many wonderful things packed into this little hour.... but the best part of all...

Blackhawk Island!

And all of the super-weapons used by their various enemies as security for the Island. My god, this episode was a Silver Age Blackhawk fan's wet dream!

The only thing that could have made this better would have been actuall appearances of Killer Shark, King Condor and the Wrecker. Man, I loved this one.

JLU has been cancelled.

You can read the story here.

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Well in their defense, I've heard that JLU is being canned in order to make room for a Legion of Superheroes cartoon.
While I understand that even the best shows cannot go on forever (except maybe for The Simpsons), it does trouble me that Justice League is coming to a close. If they are finding their options limited because of character availability, then well that is just the stupidest thing that I have ever heard. These are all DC characters people, and Time Warner/AOL owns them all. They should be able to use whichever heroes and/or villains that they wish. Of coarse I'm sure the legal explanations are quite a bit more involved than my rather simplistic fanboy ramblings, but damn, I sure will miss Justice League Unlimited and Teen Titans.

But then again as long as Bruce Timm continues to be involved in DC animation in the future, I guess that I can't complain too much.[/url]

An era has ended.
Yeah, I think I'm going to have to resort to buying the Superman series dvds just to get my SuperGirl fix.