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Full Version: Spider-Man 3 movie news!
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From ain't it cool news:

It's official! Thomas Hayden Church is going to whup on Spidey as...

The Sandman!!!!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here with the news of the weekend. The first of (possibly) 3 villains in SPIDER-MAN 3 has been revealed by Sony. It's not a surprise to us here. We've been reporting that Church was going to be playing Sandman since April and Mary Jane herself said that one of the villains was going to be Sandman a month or so ago. Now the real the question is Topher Grace. Who is he playing? Did Dunst really let it all slip when she said the villains were Venom and Sandman? The sources who gave us the heads up on Sandman in the first place all seem sure that Grace is playing Electro, so... Who knows? I'm sure we'll be seeing a Daily Bugel report soon... but will it have Grace with a drippy black costume or shooting electricity from his fingers?

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Check out the link above for a great photo!
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Check out the wicked cool teaser for Spidey 3!
The preview is now available at most showings for "Superman Returns." When I first saw it, I saw it on the internet without sound and it truly creeped me out. I'm psyched for next summer but worry that they might have packed too much into this sequel - Sandman, Venom, Gwen Stacy and a Goblin? I hope they can pull it off.

Glenn Walker
I've been crossing my fingers over this one for a while now. Because you didn't even mention the possibility of them advancing Curt Conners character. He has popped up in one way or another in the last two films, and it is likely just a matter of time before they bring about the Lizard transformation. They have certainly created quite a little film universe for Spidey and company thus far, and they have done an admirable job of it. I just hope they can keep all the balls in the air long enough to pull off this next flick, because it looks like it could top them all.
Just for the record, Mighty One, Curt Connors has a credit listing for "Spider-Man 3." I hope they're not shooting for four villains this time around. It would be too much like a Joel Schumacher Batman flick... do spiders have nipples? ;-)

GlennWalker Wrote:Just for the record, Mighty One, Curt Connors has a credit listing for "Spider-Man 3." I hope they're not shooting for four villains this time around.
Addendum: This morning according to Current, Google's TV network, there will be four villains - the Sandman, Venom, a Goblin and a fourth mystery villain to be revealed at the San Diego Comic Con. The Lizard? I'm sure we'll find out shortly...