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Full Version: X-Men 3 "The Last Stand" Movie News and Trailer!
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From Cinescape:
X-men Films has reported "two models have signed a deal with Marvel Entertainment to be in the X-MEN 3 (or a possible spin off of the film). The women are Ashley Hartman and Mercedes Scelba-Shorte.

Mercedes will play a mutant simply known as M. Ashley is portraying Emma Frost.

For those not in the know, M equals Monet St. Croix from the old Marvel Comic GENERATION X. She's a mutant with amazing strength, telepathy, and the ability to fly. And Emma Frost, aka The White Queen, is the attractive, yet deadly mutant who's currently a member of the X-Men team, but has had a past as a villainess. She was also once the head mentor of the Generation X team.
Click the link, you know you want to.

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The X-Men 3 (The Last Stand is it's official title) Teaser trailer HITS!!!!

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I need to go change my drawers now...I peed myself watching it!
I just read on IMDB that Josh Holloway from LOST was offered the part of Gambit but turned it down due to Gambit being too close to Sawyer... so Gambit was cut from the movie.
We are headed out to see X3: The Last Stand this afternoon. Let's all jump in and talk about our likes/dislikes, loves and hates after we've all gotten home from the theaters. Because I know my geeky brethren would not dare miss this movie on opening day.
We just got back from seeing X-3.

Me, I liked it. I put it on par with X-2. A lot more going on.

However, I hoped you all stayed through the credits for the extra bonus scene that was at the end?

if you didn't, let me know and I'll spill what happens!