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Full Version: Pirates of the Caribbean-Dead Man's Chest
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View it, and it's awesome Johnny Depp-ness!

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Oh man, looks great! Can't wait. :-)

And this Thursday I leave for vacation in Disney World and get to ride the ride! It's my favorite. :-)

Glenn Walker
Next Friday!!!

And I'm going to be on vacation to enjoy it!!
So, we went and saw Dead Man's Chest last night.

It was soo amazing. I've had the hots for Johnny Depp since his 21 Jump Street days (yes, showing my age here).
This movie is completely a Captain Jack Sparrow movie.

I loved the ending, and for a few brief moments, wished I was Elizabeth Swan.

The Flying Dutchman and it's crews CGI was breathtaking. I got so sucked in by this movie that the movie review in my forgot to nitpick it.

Which is a good thing.
Personally, I'm a big Will Turner fan, and I loved the subplot involving him and a certain member of Davy Jone's crew. :wink:

I do wish, however, that we coulda seen a little more Will/Elizabeth than that.
My niece is a huge Will Turner fan herself. So much so that she just dropped 75.00 at Claires on a whole bunch of stuff for school. (satchel, notebooks, you name it.)

I think we may try to catch another showing of the movie. Everyone tells me to make sure to notice Tia Dalma's necklace (which I didn't the first time around) that it plays some significance in the 3rd movie.

Although if you go to the official Pirates website, you can waste a ton of time on a game there that I've played every day over my lunch hour. Lol
Jonna and I enjoyed it very much. However, personally, I thought it kind of dragged somewhat in the middle. 2 1/2 hours seemed a little longer than it should have. The ending caught me completely off guard, though. After the last scene I was like, "wait, that was the end?! But it was over so quickly!! That couldn't possibly have been 2 1/2 hours!!!" Eagerly awaiting the 3rd movie.
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This website "reportedly" has photos from At World's End

I've been sitting here for an hour waiting for them to pull up.
great movie, but it's not self-contained enough, nothing gets resolved and in truth it's really the first half of a 5 hour long movie which will conclude next year...
I liked it a lot. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I thought it was well worth the money and the time.


The bride and I put on the original DVD and watched that again after seeing the sequel. To say it pales in comparison is an understatement in my opinion. PotC 2 is a good movie, but the original is a fabulous movie.

Glenn, Have you watched the Blooper Reel from the first movie? Hillarious stuff there!!

I don't have the first one on dvd... I borrowed my mother's copy because apparently there was a scene after the credits that I missed.