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Full Version: Is Hawkeye really back?
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Seriously, I don't want to be lead on here. I love Clint Barton as much as I do a certain Asgardian.

But, since the only Avengers title I'm reading is New Avengers, can anyone tell me if the rumors I've heard about Hawkeye being alive are true? or am I just being screwed with here>?
It has been left rather vague, but I'm pretty certain Clint Barton is still wandering the Marvel Universe, ressurrected by the Scarlet Witch's powers. Whether he's Hawkeye or not is another story altogether. He left his uniform arrowed to a wall in the ruins of Avengers Mansion.

Glenn Walker
Yeah, I remember the thing with the uniform. I was kinda hoping it was just wishful thinking on my part that he'd actually be back.

I miss the REAL Avengers. While I do enjoy the New Avengers book (mainly just the Aunt May and Jarvis stuff), I really miss Wanda, Peitro, Clint, Wonder-Man, BEAST, Jack of Hearts (I know, don't go there)...and a few others who's names are escaping me right now.

Yeah, I'll even admit to missing Hank Pym at this point. :-)
And in other news, Hawkeye is indeed back!! Word on whether or not Clint Barton is alive remains a mystery. Wink

Sorry to all the Clint fans out there, but as of the last issue of Young Avengers, Captain America has decided that Kate Bishop (previously called Hawkingbird by fans) should be known as Hawkeye. Not only for her skill with a bow and arrow, but also because the only other person who's ever stood up to him the way she has was(is?) the "late" Clint Barton

Of course, with Matt Murdock in jail while Daredevil's still out and about, people are speculating on just who's under the mask. Three of the top choices, Taskmaster, Iron Fist, and Bullseye, are all accounted for. Danny's been showing up in Daughters of the Dragon and slated to appear in the new Heroes for Hire title. Taskmaster seems to be well on his way of becoming Moon Knight's new nemesis. And Bullseye? Well Bullseye is in the klink with Murdock. So with those three out of the way, and with Moon Knight in his own ongoing while Shang Chi (another fan guess) slated to be in Heroes for Hire with Danny Rand.....who could be the man behind the mask?
It's funny that you mention Daredevil in this thread. Thor and I have speculated that it's Hawkeye behind the horned ones reappearance now that Matt's in Rykers.
Although the mystery Daredevil has been incoherently revealed as Iron Fist (Hawkeye would have made so much more sense continuity-wise), there is an upcoming appearance of Clint to watch out for. New Avengers #26 will reputedly be a one-shot story featuring the confrontation between Clint Barton and Wanda Maximoff. Don't get your hopes up too high though, folks, Bendis will still be writing it.

Damn Glenn! You had me all hyped up until you said Bendis.
Enchantress Wrote:Damn Glenn! You had me all hyped up until you said Bendis.
And now that you've read it, I'm sure you know how right you are...

New Avengers #26 ranks down there among the worst comics I've ever read. Sure it's pretty, but it is not in any way, shape or form what Bendis had promised in the way of resolution. If anything it's a convoluted mess that only raises more questions. And of course it has tons and tons of that patented Bendis Avengers mischaracterization.

That issue left me scratching my head going "WTF?"

Seriously, WTF????

Oh, and after reading Son of M, I'll now retract any love I've ever had for Peitro Maximoff. Talk about a twisted f&$^er....
Enchantress Wrote:That issue left me scratching my head going "WTF?"

Seriously, WTF????
Check the internet. Big Grin That's what everybody thought!

I am a B.M. Bendis fan. There, I said it. He hooked me with Daredevil and I have followed his work ever since. Sure, his characterizations have left some wanting in the past, but by and large I love every single panel of his work. He has never disappointed me.

Until now. This last issue was horrendous. It seemed to have no bearing on anything, and gave the story of Scarlet Witch and Hawkeye anything but closure. Hopefully we'll get a follow up sometime soon, to shed this tale into clear daylight, but until then, this ranks as probably the worst comic I have ever read that hasn't featured a super hero-football player. And it was certainly the most disappointing.
I thought the issue was hillarious! Sure, it wasn't intended to be, but hawkeye is a big old man-whore, so he's just getting back to his roots! Nothing is quite as classy as tracking down someone in order to kill them to get revenge on them for killing YOU twice and then turning it into a comic about a booty call!

It is both classic and tremedously horrible at the same time! Big Grin Sad
I can no longer hear the term man-whore without thinking of my sweet little daughter repeating said term after the last time we had this very discussion. Uncle Rob, you and your fiance are a very bad influence on her. But wow was it funny. I guess it's never too early to teach her the truth about certain comic characters. For yes my dear Isabelle, Hawkeye is just one big man-whore.
Who wants to take bets that the second Ronin is actually Hawkeye?

I kind of like the idea that it is Captain America...see my post over in the Cap #25 thread for the whys and hows. Because lets face it, Captain America is absolutely a masterless samurai right now.
GlennWalker Wrote:Who wants to take bets that the second Ronin is actually Hawkeye?
Who has read New Avengers #30 yet? Thoughts?

Yes yes, we all bow to your superior knowledge.

I guess it wasn't really that hard to call considering Bendis left Hawkeye pretty well dangling after that last story. Only makes sense that he had plans for him.

I guess I don't hate the idea of Clint Barton assuming a new identity, but I will miss the good ol' arrow slinging Avenger to be sure. I did enjoy the quip between he and Spider-Man in New Avengers #31 concerning who would be the team's mid battle smart mouth.
The banter between Hawkeye (I won't call him Ronin... yet) and Spider-Man were the best parts of the book. Bendis, at Wizard World Philly, expressed an actually pretty proficient knowledge of our favorite archer. Even I was impressed. One hopes that that knowledge makes it to the comics page.

Much like his online interviews, in person Bendis talks a good game. He also said a conclusion on 'the Wanda situation' is coming, sooner or later, in the pages of New Avengers. I would assume it comes after this Skrull business, set to come to a head in early spring.