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Full Version: What the heck is going on at Marvel?
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I love the soapbox, I really do.

Of late, I've noticed myself more and more disenchanted with Marvel as a whole.
Let me start with Kevin Smith and Spider-Man/Black Cat. If Marvel ever gives him another job, someone needs to get fired. Seriously, it takes HOW many years to put out a six issue arc?
Then there's X-Men the End. Or "I'm Chris Claremont, hear me!" Blah. Boring, don't care, comes off as very Grant Morrison-ish. I can write better than that!
Thunderbolts, as I've already stated in another thread, booring.

There just seems to be a lack of quality reading out there. I've looked over the comic racks time and time again, but find myself drawn only to The New Avengers, Daredevil, Marvel Team up, Cable/Deadpool and FF.
Personally, I've been staying away...far, far away...from X-men until those #$%@#$*@ writers get their act together. :couch:
Astonishing X-men and Ultimate X-men are the only books we get anymore. I'll have to give my brother in law credit, he did recommend Astonishing to me. (After I swore I'd never take another of his recommendations after the fiasco that was Grant Morrison's run of New X-men).

I've gotten a renewed interest in all things Marvel thanks to the Civil War. I now understand that when I posted my original rant, it was just leading up to all this. So I'll give them a bit of leeway on that.