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Just a quick introduction here. I'm Glenn, and Comic Widows

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is my baby. It's a comic review site that reviews comic books in all forms of the media: mainstream, independent, web, manga and anime, print, film, television, gaming, toys, you name it - I think we got it covered.

I want to send out a big thank you to Local, Enchantress and Thor here at Comics Uncovered, all who have been active at Comic Widows, for allowing bandwidth here for this discussion forum. I hope we can put it to good use. Big Grin

The new issue is currently up. Please check it out and we will be accepting submissions for the next issue. The deadline is April 2nd which will be the beginning of our new bi-weekly schedule. Submissions can be sent to:

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Hope to see you all there or here! Big Grin

Glenn Walker
Thanks for the kind words Glenn. On behalf of Comics Uncovered I would just like to say welcome to the family

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