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Full Version: Who am I?
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I am

From the DC Universe
I work on the side of Angels
Human, metahuman or Other, I'm Other

I do have a team affiliation.
Ok, here's the rules of this game.
I will give you a clue to start out with, and you have to guess who the character is I'm talking about.
As you guess and ask questions about the character, I will answer appropriately, and we will build clues until someone guesses right and takes over the game from there.

I am from the DC universe...
Are you of the good or evil persuasion?

Glenn Walker
are you male or female?

I am of an naughty persuasion....
and I am all female...
Do you have one particular adversary or many?
is your style of naughtiness similar to another perhaps male character?
I have a few adversaries
and my style has been adapted a bit from another male character, yes.
Have you ever had your own series?
Yes, I have had my own series
Is that past tense?
are you Harley Quinn?
Yes, I'm Harley Quinn!!
Your turn Mistah L!
hmmm.. lemme see.. ok .. guess away Smile
Are you male or female?
Yes I am male
Hey, you were supposed to give us a starting clue silly!

Are you a hero?
Clue: Not a typical hero :p
Are you from the Marvel Universe?
No I am not from Marvel
Are you from the DC Universe?
Do you have a sidekick?
Techinically.. I am not from the DC universe and yes I do have a sidekick
Are you part of a team?
Are you from the Wildstorm Universe?
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