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Full Version: It's a wonderful time to be a Child of the 80s
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With the new Transformers movie coming out
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and now, what did I find awaiting me tonight...

This lovely lovely link!
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Now if I could just get a live action GI JOE Movie, my life would be complete and I could die a happy geek.

But only if I got to play Cobra Commander!

Personally, I liked getting my hands on the relatively new Thundercats graphic novel.
And see, I have an entire stack of Transformers comics I need to read. This give me an incentive.

(Although I kick myself for not getting the current run of GI Joe)
From Aint It Cool News

ComicCon News!! TRANSFORMERS Announcement! The Voice Of Optimus Prime Is...

... Peter Cullen.

Yep. You can all relax. Paramount made it official a few moments ago during their presentation panel, and by all accounts, there was much rejoicing.

And there was much rejoicing in our household as well!
I'm not even what I would consider a diehard Transformers fan, but this news got me excited. Yeah sure, robots that transform into vehicles of all shapes and sizes and do battle with each other is uber-cool, but this flick needed that little something extra to put it onto my must see list. And the nostalgia factor of having the original cartoon Optimus Prime doing his live action counterpart's voice put it there for me. I am officially excited to see this cartoon come to life on the big screen now.