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Full Version: If Avengers were Survivor, who'd you voted off the Island?
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So, here's the set up....if all of your favorite Avengers were action on the TV Show Survivor...who do you think would be the first one you'd vote off the island and why?
Honestly, the first one I would vote off would be Iron Man. He just doesn't do as much for the book as I would like to see. He needs to be showcased in Avengers more to have my interest. He always seems to be more of a supporting character instead of one of the "BIG THREE" that he was considered when THOR was around. He's always playing second fiddle to characters like Wasp, Yellowjacket, and She-Hulk. Who, by the way, would be my next three voted off.
I'd vote Wasp off the Island first.
The woman is way too much into clothes than surviving and saving the world.
Wanna scare Wasp and make her cry? Cut up her credit cards!

Yes, I'm that evil.
Chuck Austen! :-)