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Full Version: Batgirl: Pencillled Issue
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Here is something totally cool. Being a total sucker for pencil art this grabbed my attention as soon as I saw it. I truly love the full color glory that is comics but it is only when you see the pencil work that you can really appreciate the nuances of the artist. Of course you will have seen some pencil work on websites, sketches, samples but sldom do you get a chance to see a WHOLE ISSUE the way the penciller drew it. ( Plus some bonus like reworked pages). I hope you'll enjoy looking at this pages as much as I did. So for those interested in seeing the magic behind the page here is a chance too look at an entire issue's worth of pencils. Click the following for Batgirl 48 (Jan 2004) by Jean-Jacques Dzialowski
I can't agree with you more, Local. As much as I love comic books and the beautiful finished art within, the original penciled artwork is where it is at for me. You get all the heart and soul of the artist right there in front of you. There is no question about his talent.

Some artists vastly improve with a good inker behind them. Some artists suffer because the tracer isn't up to the task. But with pencilled artwork, you see for yourself if the guy has the chops to run with the big boys. More specifically, I would say Jean-Jacques Dzialowski has those chops. His pencils are wonderfully detailed and jump off the page. Makes me wish I still read Batgirl!