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Things you want to see in Avengers! - Enchantress - 04-07-2004

Ok, anything goes!

Things I want to see in Avengers-

A all new villian that isn't some lame ass B-rate hack job thought up by Grant Morrison

Wanda to stand up and say "screw you guys! I'm dating Jennifer!"

I want to see them actually explain WHERE Quicksilver went. I mean, since he and Wanda are so close, and Wanda's on the team, you'd think she'd at least get a phone call or a letter from him sometimes???

I want to see some classic characters brought back out of the dustbin and used again! Retire some of the A-listers and bring some life into the characters that interested us so long ago!

- GlennWalker - 04-08-2004


How about something simple like characters that act in character?

Sorry, but I am counting the hours until Chuck Austen is gone.

Glenn Walker

- Enchantress - 04-08-2004

Yeah yeah we all know! LOL. It's ok thought. Hey, maybe you need to start a thread in Stan's Soapbox about Chuck Austen? I'd pay 5.00 to read that!

Yeah, I understand that characters not acting like they usually do is a bit..weird. But, you also have to consider that maybe Austen, in his own odd way, is trying to make these characters grow....and is failing miserably at it?
If your character never grow as people, then they become very one dimensional... which is sadly, how I've seen Avengers for some time now.

I'd like to see some depth to people.

- GlennWalker - 04-09-2004

There's an interview with Austen at Silver Bullet Comic Books:

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and all I can think is maybe he doesn't give interviews is because every time he opens his mouth crap comes out?

He claims he read all the Avengers Essentials and 'his collection' of Avengers comics up through Volume Three. Did he promptly forget them when he began writing his run?

I don't read the Superman books anymore but my blood is positively chilled that this idiot will be writing Action Comics. Isn't anyone taking a hint from all the negative criticism this guy- who like Frank Miller, obviously hates comic books - gets and just not hire him in the field any longer?

Hey, DC! Hey, Marvel! I'll write Avengers and Action Comics, and I'll do it for free, and with respect for the characters and the continuity. How about it?

Have I mentioned I'm counting the hours until Austen is off of Avengers?
And no, I'm not bitter about everything Avengers-related.

I read the first issue of Avengers/Thunderbolts and despite the uneven art (it's good at some points here but previously elsewhere I thought he was great) of Barry Kitson - it's a great start to what promises to be a great mini-series. Again, if it maintains that quality it will only be proof of the talent of the ever-continuity-conscious Kurt Busiek.

Speaking of Kurt, JLA/Avengers is done and has, in my opinion, lived up to what it should have been: THE comic book event of the last forty years. Granted the story borrowed liberally from Marv Wolfman and George Perez' Crisis on Infinite Earths, which in turn borrowed from a couple classic JLA/JSA crossovers (one by Gardner Fox and one by Denny O'Neil) and Roy Thomas' introduction of the Squadron Sinister/Supreme. The difference is Busiek does it right (not that the previous masters didn't, mind you), he makes the plot a story and not just a plot device to get the characters together.

And as much as me and every other fanboy( and girl) was drooling to see the two super-teams fight, the real highlight was watching them work together. That's a credit to Busiek's skill as a storyteller.

Glenn Walker

- SLVRSR4 - 04-27-2004

It's very very simple. I WANT MY JACK OF HEARTS BACK!!!!!!!!!! I swear, Marvel, if you don't somehow bring him back I'm going to hold my breath: Face turns red, then a sickly shade of blue. I pass out and when I awaken, one of my favorite characters is STILL DEAD!!!! You suck sometimes MARVEL!

- Thanos The Conqueror - 04-29-2004

Jarvis should go crazy one day and join the Masters of Evil. I can see it now: "You want a sandwich?!?! I'll give you a sandwich (fires plasma gun at the Avengers)! MUHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!"
Then, in the end, we find out that the puppet master took control of his mind. He has to come back, cuz, well, The Avengers are nothin' without their butler.

- GlennWalker - 04-30-2004

Back in the Roy Thomas days, iirc, Jarvis did actually betray the Avengers to the Masters of Evil... Sooo, been there, done that. ;-)

Glenn Walker

- The Watcher - 04-30-2004

Bring back D-Man! D-Man was the best!

Actually, I wouldn't mind seeing someone take over the book and bring us back to the glory days of the Avengers.

- SLVRSR4 - 04-30-2004

behold the almighty glory and power of D-MAN!!!!!!!

oh, yeah, I suppose that is a bad Idea. He looks like he bought Daredevil's old costume on Ebay. I want to see the return of the Serpent Society! always liked those guys!

- DarkKnight - 05-02-2004

Some of these things that you've been posting might just show up in the new Ultimate series, The Ultimates....I mean so far we've thawed out a very deepfreezed Cap(who still isn't sure about Mocha Latte`s). Then there's a randy Hulk who want's to do anything with a hole in it. Let's not forget a very druken Ironman and of course the wonderfully broken marriage of the Pym's.....As far as I can tell QuickSilver and Scarlet Witch have some kind of incest thing going on. So there's really no telling what would happen in that series. I personally can't wait to see who they bring out of the bets are on Hawkeye....

oh yeah and let's not forget the SECRET there were some villans worth writing about....To my knowledge they only had one big publication in a Spiderman Mini-Series...though I could be wrong ....Let me know if I am, SS....

- Enchantress - 05-02-2004

Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but I've heard that The Ultimates was being cancelled?
The only Ultimates I read was the Ultimate War. Which rocked simply because of one line by Iron Man "OH MY FRICKIN GOD!" when Colossus nailed him. (and I mean punched! GOD you bunch of pervs!)

As far as Wanda and Pietro go, that's been a fanboy's wet dream for ages now. They have NEVER come right out and said it, but because of their overly close relationship, everyone has eluded to it.

Personally, I'm not a fan of the Ultimates and I don't buy the book. I'm an Avengers fan. Yes, even Chuck Austen's run on it hasn't turned me off to it that much.

And for the record.......

I HATE ULTIMATE THOR! He belongs in a garage band somewhere with that look!



- DarkKnight - 05-03-2004

It would seem that I need to buy a Wizard and find out if that unholy rumor you've heard is true. I can only hope and pray that it's not, but I'm not sure. I think that the Ultimates has merit. The story thus far has only been a real building block for the characters. It would seem to me that it has the potential to take off dramatically as the year progress's(*again with the typo's yeah I'm a horrible speller...Blame Sandwich High!!).
I think that Surfer was telling me that they are thinking about like starting the series over. Like they would do a series....well what I am talking to you like you have no idea what I mean....heh They would just restart the #1 after every big climatic battle, which to my knowledge isn't going to be happening very often in that book. Personally I think that it's a refreshing change from your average comic. They've really brought some new and bold issues to light in the comic. As for Thor....I would say that I agree with you....he's not the real glamor boy that Marvel first started with....I think that he kinda grows on ya get to start seeing some real demonstrations of his abilities in the last issue though.. So I'm not sure what to think of that.

Nanna Nanna Nanna Nanna BATMAN!!!!! :dcbat:

- The Mighty Thor - 05-03-2004

You are right about the revolving relaunches. Ultimates will be published in 12 issue volumes. So Volume 1 will consist of issues 1-12, Volume 2 will consist of issues 13-24, and so on like that. So Enchantress is correct, in that they are cancelling Volume 1, but Volume 2 will follow hot on its heels. Well, maybe not that fast, but it'll show up eventually...maybe.

- SLVRSR4 - 05-03-2004

I am eagerly awaiting to see exactly what Bendis has up his sleave for the Avengers. It better live up to it's hype, or I'll be peeved. Personally, I Like Bendis' writing, but what I would like to see in ALL Marvel comics would be LESS BENDIS!!!! Let someone else write a comic book darn it!

- GlennWalker - 05-03-2004

Maybe off topic but, weren't the Secret Empire those corporate terrorists Captain America fought back in the 1970s when written by Steve Englehart? Or has that since been retconned?

Glenn Walker

- SLVRSR4 - 05-04-2004

You'll have to forgive my friend the Darkknight, Glenn, he tends to get a little obsessive about a character(s) that have only appeared once or twice, but HE thinks are cool. I've been hearing him talk about the SECRET EMPIRE for about 7 or 8 years now, and I've never even heard of them other than when he's alking about them. I think he's making the whole thing up, personally.

- DarkKnight - 05-04-2004

Hey!!!! I resemble that remark...The Empire was only around long enough to get smoked by Spidey once and maybe Cap a few times... If I remember correctly they sat on that panel of supervillans that Red Skull had in that back room where he did his meetings.....that's about the only other time I saw them....personally I think that Surfer is just jealous that We're a schitzo and he's not....WE ARE THE SECRET EMPIRE!!!!! WE WILL RISE AGAIN!!!!

Batty :dcbat: :bashself:

- SLVRSR4 - 05-05-2004

maybe in your "SPECIAL" dreams

- The Mighty Thor - 05-05-2004

Ok..this thread has veered far enough off topic. Allow me to right the ship, and set her back on coarse.

Personally, what I am looking forward to most in Avengers is more Black Panther. He has always been one of my favorite Avengers, and they haven't used him enough lately. He was a great part of the "Red Zone" storyline, and at the end of that story he agreed to hang around and be a part of the team. But after that, he disappeared. What's up with that? Does Chuck Austen not like Black Panther? Did he not want to use him in the "Lionheart of Avalon" story? I feel jipped.

So there...that is one of the things I am looking forward to. What about you guys?


- SLVRSR4 - 05-05-2004

I wholeheartedly agree. Panther is one of the coolest characters in the Mighty Marvel Sandbox, and I ALSO would love to see him in the spotlight a little more. I loved the way Coipel drew him in "Red Zone" He actually had catlike characteristics. When he got mad or scared, the ears on his costume went back! His eyes got all squinty and beady, and he is just VISUALLY one of the coolest charactes ever.

- DarkKnight - 05-05-2004

I think that Panther has been one of the more underplayed characters that Marvel has had. Over the years he's had some played big roles in crucial stories but, I have a few of his comics and I wasn't really impressed with the way the book was written. Is there any controversial issues with his character or is he just overlooked and underwrote?
On another note. Is Moonknight an West Coast Avenger? Probably a stupid question to most but I really am not sure how the whole east,west thing works. Are they able to be either or is it because of location that they're east and west? Moonknights not too important and he's not got much going on these days but he's someone that might be able to make a return appearance if they reworked the storyline on him a bit. Moony always seemed a bit outmatched with those 'chucks he was constantly swinging around. Kinda outdated really

- The Mighty Thor - 05-06-2004

I like Moonknight. I think he is a cool character. He is visually interesting, which is a big plus in my eyes, and he can kick some butt. He is often likened to Batman. I don't know if I'd give him that much credit, but he is pretty cool. And yes, he was with the West Coast Avengers for a while, back when that team still existed.

- SLVRSR4 - 05-06-2004

Moon Knight is wicked awesome. I would VERY much like to see him join a team (such as Avengers) or even get his own solo book again. I would like to see a very gritty feel like Alias or the current Daredevil has. Micheal Gaydos or Alex Maleev would make the character memorable. He might even get out from underneath the "Shadow of the Bat" so to speak.

- CoyoteJack - 06-08-2004

Things I'd like to see in Avengers:

1) The return of the Zodiac

2) The return of Black Knight

3) The return of Black Panther

4) The return of Tigra (always liked the storyline back in West Coast Avengers where she constantly craved attention from the males)

5) A solid team that hangs around for more than 3 issues. Smile

Oh, and Moon Knight is a great character...I agree. He just hasn't been used to his full potential by most writers.

- Enchantress - 06-08-2004

Moonknight rocks much! I'd love to see him used.

ok, one thing I want to see in the Avengers...

Someone explaining that Tripped out Cap/Wanda kiss cover from Falcon/Cap.

But it'll never happen..LOL