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What's your Elven/Hobbit Name? - Enchantress - 05-14-2004

Thought everyone might get a kick out of this. In my search for baby names, I've been playing with the Elven Name Generator.

My Hobbit Name: Daisy Sandydowns
My Elven Name: Idril Eärfalas


- Local Hero - 05-14-2004

That is so cool Smile heh

My Hobbit Name: Todo Loamsdown of Deephallow (although if I use my full name it becomes Bungo Loamsdown of Deephallow)
My Elven Name: Maeglin Carnesîr( or Galdor Carnesîr if I use my full name again)

That rocks.. i know i'm a geek.. sue me Smile

- Solace - 05-15-2004

I love this sort of thing, I'm such a LOTR's geek like that.

Elven: Nessa Elanessë (Although if I use my full name it becomes Silmarwen Elanessë)

Hobbit: Ruby Hardbottle (Although again if I use my full name it becomes Peony Hardbottle)

- SLVRSR4 - 05-17-2004

ELVEN: Eöl Eärfalas
HOBBIT: Grigory Sandydowns

- Nova - 05-18-2004

ELVEN: Nessa Sáralondë
HOBBIT: Ruby Burrows

- Tessa - 05-18-2004

Elven Name: Lúthien Elanessë
Hobbit Name: Lila Hardbottle (If I use my full first name it becomes Rosie-Posie Hardbottle)

- TheBeyonder - 06-05-2004


That's really cool!

Elvish: Valandil Miriel

Hobbit: Mungo Toadfoot of Frogmorton

My wifes hobbit name is cool,it's : Tigerlily Toadfoot (of Frogmorton)

Mungo & Tigerlily forever.
Hmm? That kinda has a ring to it. Lol

- Local Hero - 06-05-2004

heh I think we could hijack this thread to create names for Thor & Chanties baby.. Mungo Peterson Wink Has a ring to it :p

- Enchantress - 06-05-2004

Oh you are so dead and don't even know it Bill!

- Harley - 06-05-2004

Elf: Finwë Calafalas (calling name)
Lenwë Calafalas (full name, excluding 2nd)
Nolofinwë Calafalas (complete name)

Hobbit: Sancho Boffin of Needlehole (calling name)
Fosco Boffin of Needlehole (full name, excluding 2nd)
Falco Boffin of Needlehole (complete name)