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Marvel: Darick Robertson's "HULK" - Local Hero - 06-02-2004

Posted June 1, 2004
Source ComicBookResources

[Image: cover_sm.jpg]Marvel Comics has provided CBR News with a first look at artwork by Darick Robertson from "Incredible Hulk #75," the first issue of his run on the title with writer Bruce Jones. Marvel's solicitation copy reads:

Written by Bruce Jones
Penciled by Darick Robertson
Cover by Gary Frank
"Wake to Nightmare"
All will be revealed in this arc - including the identity of the man behind the sneering lips! When Banner awakens in a post-apocalyptic future, his problems are just beginning. The mastermind behind the plot that made him a fugitive has big plans for the Hulk.
48 PGS./MARVEL PSR …$3.50 UPC: 5960604745-07511

[Image: page08_09_sm.jpg]I'm thinking the artwork looks good. bit of a change from deodato, but not necessarily for the worse.
fingers crossed he can keep up the quality through his run.