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Attention all NON MEMBER LURKERS - Enchantress - 06-10-2004

Comics Uncovered is all about brotherhood and fun. However, those of you who lurk without joining, are not participating in that fun and brotherhood and are basically just eating up our bandwidth.
We encourage you that if you aren't a member and you do like what you see, join up!
Otherwise, habitual lurkers will have their ISP address banned. This is a stern practice we are already inforcing.
On the same note, our site is so graphics heavy, Cell Phone surfers and lurkers will find the exact same thing happen. We are not equipped to handle Cell Phone Surfers.
We hope you like what you see when you come to our site, and hope that it encourages you to join up and join in the fun and excitement. Comics Uncovered does not pass your personal information on to any form of 3 party information gathering source. In other words, join one's going to know it's you if you don't want them to!


The Comics Uncovered Administration Staff aka the people who pay for all this.

Local Hero
The Mighty Thor

- Enchantress - 09-20-2005

Bumping this up again.

Come on people...if you're going to hang around and read in the shadows, you might as well join up!

We don't bite.... well, Truth does, but that's beside the point!

- The Truth - 10-03-2005

I nibble....NIBBLE!....on one newbie and you're branded for life.....

- Enchantress - 03-07-2006

Time to bump this up yet again. We are getting a lot of looky loos. Which is fine, but if you lurk for 5 days straight, you might as well JOIN!

- Enchantress - 07-19-2006

With all the super cool new stuff the site has, I'm noticing repeat traffic from the looky loos.

Join, it's free.

- Enchantress - 03-27-2007

Time for another bump on this!