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Saying a fond farewell to Mystique - Enchantress - 04-12-2005

I've read the Mystique series from day one and I have to say I was more entertained by it at times than I was Cable/Deadpool. (Wade MAKES that book)

However, Mystique having said her swan song, what was your thoughts on this series. Personally, I thought the ending BLEW! The whole last part of the "Quiet" story was lackluster compared to the writing in the beginning.
I'd like to see ShortPack continue on somewhere...and the few glimpses at Fantomex's comical side was nice.

I'll probably miss it...can't say for sure yet!

- GlennWalker - 04-13-2005

This has the smell of a possible article on it, ya know, but I'm not pushing - Mom stuff always has first priority. Smile Just a thought. Smile

I saw one or two issues of this one. Oddly enough, I thought it worked best when she didn't act like the Mystique I knew from the X-books.


- Enchantress - 04-13-2005

I've already written you two articles today and am working on a Phoenix Endsong article for you as I type this.

So HA!

- GlennWalker - 04-13-2005

Oh my!

I button my lipeth then. ;-)

Either way tho, your work has been missed. Thanks. Smile