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A new take on Marvel-X - Guest - 01-18-2006

This is my story of the marvel universe. It runa along the A.O.A storyline and the current The End storyline. I'll be useing characters new and old and even some made up ones that my gameing crew is useing. Also, this is the same story that my gameing group is playing with the CLassic Marvel Role playing System.
I'll be useing some things from movies but I WILL NOT use characters from other comic universes.

I ask two things...

1: I have just entered my freshman year at college and I have basically swamped myself and am stuck stareing at a computer screen nine hours a day, so if I make any mistakes, please forgive me. Tongue

2: If you have a comment or anything, please do not post it in the story board, to me it takes away from the story, so please post it here. Smile


In the year 2005, violence between the mutant group, formerly outlaws, The X-Men have almost come to a stand still and the X-Corp is created. This is a world wide foundation in which tries to help the ever growning mutant population on earth. Xaviers School for gifted Youngsters is teeming with new mutants who have come there to learn to use there powers. A total of two hundred and eighty six people occupy the school.

December 6th, 2005, about twenty one hundred hours, American satalites pick up a Unidentified Moveing Object approaching from behind the moon. After four hours of obserbing this U.F.O the object is approximately half a mile in hight, three miles in length, and a mile across. This object will hit the High Earth Orbit in a matter of of two hours.

December 6th, 2005, twenty one hundred thirty. Avengers Mansion, the Four Freedoms plaza and Xaviers school of gifted Youngsters is placed under major assault of villians untied. Entery is gained on all fronts of all three places and simultaneously mini anti-matter bombs go off destrying New York and surrounding places. People in Michigan could see the fire balls erupting.

December 7th, 2005, 00:00. the U.F.O. enters Earth's obit and begins it's decent. Nick Fury of S.H.I.E.L.D. have already deduced where it was heading puts the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier in the direct path of the U.F.O. It's heading...straight for Washington D.C. Col. Fury puts out the call to all reserve Avengers and tries to raise any other availible Hero's. Many arraive to the helicarrier but Fury knows that it is not enough.

December 7th, 2005, 03:00, U.S. Military forces and surviveing Hero's who can manage, engage the U.F.O. As they do, the ship begins to spew out it's own humanoid forces. Before the engagement begins the hero known as Nova says "My God, it's like watching a swarm of locusts!"
On the ground, Hero's try to repulse the attack by the armored humanoinds, but this time there's another surprise. The mutant formerly named Sabertooth now named Death leads the fray against the hero's and is followed by Famine, Pestilence, and War.

December 7th, 2005, 16:18. The S.H.I.E.L.D helicarrier is gone and with it Col. Nick Fury, and eighty percent of S.H.I.E.L.D's operating strength. Hero's who attended the defense of America's east coast either died or were captured never to be seen again, the U.F.O. approachs untouched by the battle and halts over the Capital with it's remaining humaniod forces and a message is sent out all across the world. The message was this "ONLY THE STRONG SHALL SURVIVE!"

15 years later... - Guest - 01-20-2006

... snow was falling from with a easterly wind as James pulled his raggedy clothing tighter. Now days, snow and rain had such a high acid content that it could burn and not just irratate the skin and heaven help you if it got in your eyes. James looked to his partner Chris as he looked for tracks. AS lead scouts for their Pack, he needed to cover Chris. James looked across the clearing towards where two of the other scouts were, they also looking for tracks of anyone or thing moveing through the area as of late. Jon and Alucin pulling a stagered search. Information had come to the Pack saying that a Sentinal air lift would be happening in the next couple of days, problem was it would be takeing place somewhere in the southeastern portion of what once was called New York. Everyone knew though, that cities were dangerous. People went in and didn't come out.
Chris finally stood "It's alright, nothings been through here in awhile." and shouldered the hunting rifle. A bird call from the other group made Crhis and James spin around drawing their weapons. Alucin waved them over with an excited look on his face. Chris and James began moveing through the woods quickly never entering the clearing, it left you open to things in the air. As James thought about this he wondered how things could have gotten so bad. he still remembered before Apocalypse came laying waste to everyone who wasn't a mutant. The Cullings he heard they were called. As Chris and James got closer, Alucin pulled away winter bare shrubs and James could see a wide river off in the distance and beyond that, the remnants of a city. Half destroyed skyscrapers loking like curled up fingers reaching for the sky.
Jon gave a low whistle "Wow, we are way to close. I didn't think we would be this close so soon, we made good time for once." Jon who would be turning seventeen this spring, was a short and lean fellow picked up somewhere near Ohio with his family. In the year that he's been with the pack he's lost his father trying to protect the Pack and his mother to bandits. James nodded "We need to get back and warn the rest, I want to keep this distance from that place." said James as he waved towards the now forgotten city. " Al, you and Jon head back first, we will cover to you. You spot anything, you call out." Alucin and Jon nodded before heading back north west. Al would travel fifty feet before hideing behind a tree the Jon would catch up and move another fifty feet or so beyond Alucin take up a secured postion behind a tree or bush before waveing ok to Alucin. Chris and James waited until the pair almost disappeared into the woods before moveing after them in the same fashion. it took almost two hours to reach the Pack. James and Chris headed straight to the Elders campfire and reported thier findings.
"So, a city is this close, about four or five hours you say?" Elder Chavez asked. The four simply nodded in turn. All the Elders were called for this meeting and many of the people came to lsten also. James father Amos clapped a strong hand on his shoulder. "No problems?" he asked. "No, we didn't see anything moveing in the city either, but it was pretty far from where we were." James father smiled at him "That's a good then, not close means being safe." and ruffled his hair. Sometimes Amos forgot his son was almost twenty. Clearing her throat, Elder Samantha Delray called everyone's attention again.
"Amos, you will take no more than a dozen people into this city in the morning." At this several people began to murmer and questions of safty for the pack arose. Raiseing his voice Elder Tyler to speak "Supplies are running low, meds are needed and other things that we cannot find hideing in the woods. Clothes is another, winter is almost over but we still hae several weeks of rains ahead of us." he looked around to the crowd looking for more complaints before looking his gaze on Amos. "Amos, a list of things needed will be given to you. See us after dinner this evening." ordered Elder Tyler before turning to go into his tent. James frown at his back before Amos clapped him on the back and chuckled as he began leading his son away. Looking over his shoulder to Jon "You comeing or you going to stand there all day Jon?" After loseing his family Jon seemed a little lost in the Pack and didn't really know where he fit. Amos and Jon took him in and looked after him but sometimes he didn't feel comfortable with them. looking down at his son "What's the matter, Son?" James frowned at the ground before answering "Why does it always need to be leading teams into the city? Why not someone else?" James looked up at his father with wide and shineing eyes. Amos took in a long breath and held it before letting out a long sigh. "It's me becuase it's my duty to see that people get in and out safely. It's becuase the ELders also know that I'm the best man for the job and the most capable." Another sigh escaped from Amos. "Some day you'll know why I'm always choosen, but for know, the less you know the better you will be." Amos led James and Jon to their tent for another cold dinner of dried beef and water.