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Go ahead, throw rocks at me now!
Glenn is going to shoot me, I know it.

I just finished reading Kingdom Come... for the first time EVER!

(runs in the corner and cowers in fear). yes yes, I know. It's been in a huge stack of stuff that TMT had for me to read (along with Marvels, Earth X and The Watchmen).

I know this is like talking about a movie that came out ten years ago that you are just seeing for the first time, so bear with me.

I've always adored Alex Ross's artwork. It's beautiful and moving. I was blown away by Kingdom Come. We all know that I think Mark Waid walks on water (as evident from my FF raves about him)... I can't believe I'm just now reading this. I almost feel ashamed of myself for waiting for so long.
Don't feel to bad, as I'm in the same boat. I just read it for the first time last month, and nearly slapped myself. I had been foaming at the mouth for Captain Atom: Armageddon, praising the artistic mind who came up with his new Gold and Red look, only to crack open KC and see the same costume I'd been falling in love with displayed there as rendered by Atom Ross. Ah well. It just made the following issues of Armageddon that much better. Smile
You know, it's one of my favorite past times...digging out things out of Thor's comic collection I've never read and absorbing them.

That how I got around to reading the entire original run of Excalibur, X-factor and the AOA.

Next for me... I have a whole stack of Transformers comics awaiting me. :wink:
Jim Gaffigan- "Hey, I just saw HEAT."
"That movie came out like 10 years ago!"
Jim Gaffigan- "Yeah, but I wanna talk about it now!"

Don't worry, we all have some things that it took us longer to do than others.
You know, I was thinking of that bit when I posted this thread. I was waiting for you or J to come in and say that.
I glad you liked Kingdom Come, Chanty. It is in many ways a masterpiece, and to my mind elevated Waid and Ross to sainthood. The idea of the older more traditional super-heroes returning to put the new generation of punks in line especially held resonance with me. And I'm envious that you and Truth just read it for the first time - meaning you read it all at once. Wonder for a moment how nerve-racking it was for us folks who read it the first time out, waiting for the next issue to come! Lol

Kind of like I am with Civil War right now. I'm biting my nails to keep from calling the comic shop to see if my #4 is waiting on me... and debating on driving the hour to go pick it up....cause paying 3.05 a gallon for gas, to drive an hour, to get a book... yeah, ya know.

I'm just glad I finally read it!
Chanty, did you ever get around to reading the Earth X trilogy.?
I'll answer that for her. She has read the original Earth X series, but that is all, for that is all we own. I believe Universe X and Paradise X were the follow ups, but I didn't buy them when they came out. Are they worth tracking down, and are they collected in TPB form?
They are indeed worth tracking down as they do continue in a similar vein but they do ask a whole lot more questions and answer only some of them Wink Think

Both Universe X, and Paradise X are collected in two volume tpbs so that would be 4 books to buy!! although I do believe I have seen a hardback collection somewhere online.

I would also suggest getting The Kingdom (sequel for Kingdom Come) if you don't already have it.

I loved marvels - well scripted, well painted it reminded me of what made me like marvel comics way back when. and Watchmen.. well i've read the tpb now cover to cover a couple of times this year already. it's one of those books i can keep going back to .. like LOTR heh
I've got the Watchmen in my pile o' stuff to read.

Yeah, I really really liked Marvels. It put me in the same mindset as you, local.

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