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Field Trip-The Prelude
Making a quick circle around the kitchen to get her barrings of the place Chandi pulled open the fridge to see what kind of stuff they had to make sandwiches with. "I think I'll be okay making the sandwiches Sparky, so you can search out the boozes." Chandi replied shifting her weight from foor to foot as the upper part of her body disappeared inside of the open fridge as she looked around inside of it. Sparky's really moping over AJ....I need to have a good long talk with her. Before Chandi could ask Cameron how he was doing the alarm sounded and caught her off guard. "Okay, wonder what this lovely noise means." She yelled over the noise, looking at Cameron to see if maybe he might know what it meant.
Angelee had been tormenting John for the moment when the alarm went off. Turning her gaze to the window, she shot up and pressed her hands against the glass.
"Did you see that?" she asked with a look of absolute shock on her face. She wasn't sure what she was seeing between the flashes of lightening, but it was something huge.
She fumbled around for a moment, trying to find the intercom button and the button that would shut the alarm off as it was still screaming at them all.. Slapping her hand down on the intercom, she did her best to sound calm.
"Umm.. Ya'll might wanna get up here. Hate ta interrupt anyone's "private panty raids" but ya'll need ta see this."
Shutting the button off again and getting the siren shut off as well, she looked over at John and then back to the window.
"Ah think Ah may go take a closer look."
As he looked in a couple of the cupboards which lined the kitchen, Cam's attention was drawn by the flashes of lightening outside. He stood looking out of the window, entranced as ever by the release of energy. As the sky lit up, he could just make out something that had appeared off the island. He was about to turn and say something to Chandi as what was presumably the alarm sounded, quickly followed by AJ's voice echoing over the tannoy. "Ah guess the sarnies will have tae wait." he said as he headed for the door, almost sprinting through it on his way up to the control room
Well...somebody had just said something over the loudspeakers. That much De knew though he couldn't quite make out what was ebing said. Sounded like it had something to do with 'pink elephants dancing with seabreezes'. Nice. Of course, the alarm itself was all that was needed to let him know something was arwy, though at present he was still torn between continuing to lay about on the sofa or getting up to see what all the commotion was about.

It was indeed a hard choice to make, but he finally managed to pull himself from his comfortable position and head towards the stairs. Granted the others would most likely be heading to the control room, but he didn't know that. And besides....if something was about to go down he wanted to make sure he had his gun. And some bullets.

Lots and lots of bullets.
Nate let himself be dragged to the kitchen by Kei smiling all the way. The storm didn't bother him too much, he enjoyed rain and loved being out in it, plus it didn't really keep him stuck on the island, it was the benefit of being able to travel through the shadows. Still something was slightly off about this storm and Nate's extra dimensional senses were screaming at him. As he arrived in the kitchen he could see Cameron at the window not looking too happy about what he saw and soon joined him to have a look. "Either Cooper's returning in style or that is something we should go have a look at..."

-Shadow Strike
No matter which form Xlorvok found himself in, his sensitive Skrull hearing remained a constant. Sirens and alarms were rarely a welcome sound to him, and this time was no different. An unsettling vertigo came over 'Vok, as he closed his eyes, hoping the ringing would soon stop. But he didn't have time to dwell on his own discomfort, for there were bigger fish to fry this late tropical afternoon.

In his years of travelling the vast cosmos, 'Vok had seen many a strange thing. But somehow, you never got used to any of it. So, when the lightening illuminated the foreboding object out in the water, the jaded Skrull took notice. "Me thinks there be something to that. Indeed, something whicked this way comes. Ye run along if ye like, and get a better look at it. I'll stay here and attend the computers. I'm sure the others will be wanting an explanation for all that racket ye were making."
AJ was still at the window when everyone began filing in to find out what was going on. Her gaze not once leaving the rainsoaked visual before her, she reached under the counter and grabbed a pair of night vision goggles and finally turned from trying to make out whatever it was out there.
"Ah'm going up." she walked past Cam and pulled the goggles on as she did. Moreso to avoid having to meet his gaze.
"If Ah ain't back in 10 minutes, call in tha Marines...." she walked towards the door to the roof and flicked the power on to the glasses.
“Couldn’t I just try to blast a couple holes into that thing?” Kei suggested hopefully, not liking the visual she was getting at all, “It would make things so much easier, Pinky wouldn’t have to go out on the roof…I could see how much damage I could do…it’s a win/win situation.” She gave an overly large smile to anybody who bothered to look at her, trying to mask the unsure feeling she was getting from this situation.
“Its not like we have the Bunny watchin’ over our every move…”
The rain was coming down in sheets, plastering Firefly's clothes to her as she fought the winds to make her way to the edge of the roof. Firing up the night vision goggles she looked towards the ocean, trying to get a good look at whatever it was rising up out of the water.
The microphone on the glasses was coming in back in the command center and they all heard her say "Oh Mah God."

"Actually Burst, it rather is like that. But I don't like the name "Bunny", you can call me Lazarus."
A voice from behind them had sounded. As they turned their attention from the window to the monitor on the wall, they all saw a man bathed in shadows, sitting behind a desk.
"I thought it was high time I introduced myself to my team. Now, as you are well aware, Dr. Cooper will be leading you around by the nose, but it was I that hand picked each of you. And I see that "Spot" has decided to come out and play has he?" Lazarus motioned his head towards the windows and the creature outside.
"He's harmless. I believe the ladies here have stirred up his more amorous intentions earlier in the it seems Ms. Broussard did with almost everyone standing in this room." They could almost make out the smirk on his face. "Well, don't be surprised if you see him peeking in windows and the lot. He's part of the "Paranormal Parole Program". In essence, he did something bad, now he's having to do his time for it. And you lot, are his jailers."
It was Shadow Strike who turned his attention from Lazarus to the window again, and when yet another flash of lightening hit, he could make out the creature in exact detail.
"Spot? You're calling the Kraken "Spot"?" he looked almost dumbfounded as he turned back to Lazarus.
"Yes well, "Kraken" has such a "Clash of the Titans" feel to it. Besides, he's harmless."

On the roof however, Angelee was beginning to wonder what the creature was. It was about that time that it began to rise further out of the water, as if to walk on the island, when she let out a gasp and fainted.

Back inside, Lazarus went on to explain his secret branch of the government and how they handled the paranormal activities around the world. He paused midsentence as someone leaned to whisper something to him. Chuckling, he addressed the team again.
"Would someone be so kind as to go to the roof and retrieve Ms. Broussard? It seems she's fainted at the sight of Spot."
Cam looked at the screen for a few seconds. "Lazarus? Spot?" he asked as he turned towards the still open window. "Glad ah've been practicing this without mah suit." he thought as he felt his plasma field forming around him, causing his skin to prickle with the energy, which almosted pulsed in time with the lightning flashes outside. "Ah'll get her!" he said over his shouder before arcing out of the window into the storm. He looked briefly up at the churning clouds above. "Would be great tae be flying up in that the now.." he thought, almost entranced by the energies seething above him. Shaking his head, he turned back towards the roof of the complex, looking for AJ.
Angelee had been standing on the edge of the roof when she got a really good look at the thing rising up out of the water.
Part of the conversation from inside was filtering through the glasses as she heard it referred to as "Spot."
It was as "Spot" began rising further out of the water that she broke into fits of giggles. Apparently, Spot was indeed in an lovey mood! But, as he had turned towards where she stood braced against gale, she had seen him wink at her and she fainted dead away.

"So much for that idea huh?" Was the last thing she had been thinking.
"I'll get her..." Nate said pulling his attention from the window. "I still can't believe you brought a bloody Kraken to the island." With that he walked into a shadow near the wall and appeared on top of the roof wear AJ had fainted. "AJ... AJ..." He said as he walked over to her and nudged her slightly, "You ok?"

-Shadow Strike

GM Edit-Partial Post Void- We do not move other people's characters for them. It's in the rules of the game. Even if that character is unconscience it is still up to me as the GM to decide what happens to them. My last post indicated that the team had gathered in the command center/computer lab.
The Watcher
It appeared that the other men of the group had the rescue firmly in hand, but 'Vok would be damned if he was going to be one upped by a lightning rod and a shadow walker. Looking around the room at his teammates, Lazarus and then out the window at the approaching Kraken, a rather novel idea crossed his mind. Without missing a beat, he let a wave of transformation wash over him, leaving a nine foot tall miniature version of the mythical Greek monster standing in his place. In actuality, the new guise didn't look all that different than his natural appearance, but they didn't know that.

With a reptilian slither to his voice, he remarked, "If you'll exsscuse me, I have a damssel to resscue." The now towering man ducked low to allow his massive frame to slip out the door, and, instead of walking up the diamond plate steps, sunk his claws into the building's facade, and scaled up to the roof. He stood, with AJ directly behind him, and let out a blood-curdling roar in the Kraken's direction. He was curious if Lazarus was telling the truth when he said that the monster was harmless. After hopefully putting the monster in his place, 'Vok turned back to AJ, and the other men standing near her, with the full intention of grabbing her up in his massive arms, and carrying her off. Too bad the Empire State building was thousands of miles away. He could use the dramatic effect right about now.
“Could they get over themselves?” Chandi let the question float around in the air for a moment and glanced in Kei’s direction. “Men, they always feel they have to save us.” She added with a toss of her ponytail and a little resituating of her bathing suit. “Those three make the rest of us look like bludgers.” Chandi flopped into one of the chairs in the command center and glanced out the window again. “Beauty, that things huge! You sure he’s harmless?” She questioned Lazarus unsure as to if they could really trust this man or not it was in her nature not to trust anyone really.
"It's not that we feel we always have to save you lot luv..."

De said casually as he entered the room, head tilted back towards the ceiling as an opaque eyedropper deposited an even more opaque liquid into his eyes. Flash. Wonderful stuff really. Made the synapses of the mind fire all hyper quick and enhanced the reflexes. Also great for rebooting the brain's neural pathways when something up there went wrong.

" just gives us somethin' to do. Personally, I try not to save any bird that doesn't explicitly ask for savin'. Tends to hurt their feelin's."

He continued as he returned his head to it's normal tilt and blinked hard a few times, the gentle weight of his gun against his ribs a nice solid reminder of where it was he had wandered in from. The eyedropper itself was twisted back into the small bottle it had been drawn from and slipped into an interior pocket of his coat, his brown eyes (which were already starting to become more pale) drifting over to the window to finally see what all the commotion was about.

"Sooooo....that a demon or the Loch Ness? Cause if its the Ness I'm going back to me room."
Lazarus chuckled yet again as Vok took off toward the roof he addressed Chandi.
"Well Ms. Atkins, you would know yourself of Firefly's affect on people. It's part of the reason she's are you."

Up on the roof, Firefly began to wake up, only to be surrounded by Cam, Nate, and what looked like the thing that was now resubmerging into the water. Each one of them trying to help her up. The rain was still coming down in torrents as she pushed herself up off the ground. Giving all of them her best southern belle smile, she turned towards the water again. Pulling off the night vision goggles she stood there as the storm began to increase in its fury, trying to calm herself.
"Ok boys, back inside, Ah don't want all tha girls gettin' mad at me for stealin' all the sunshine."

From within the shadows of his office, Lazarus watched his team and smiled to himself again. Already they were proving an interesting lot. And with the added bonus of Dr. Cooper, he was very happy with his pet project.
"I assure you Spot is harmless. The only reason he's here is because if you'll recall the Typhoon that hit Japan last year? Yes, well, Spot and a friend decided to play "Marco Polo" and that's what caused it."
Retrieving a note from his desk, he read it quickly and looked back at Chandi, Kei and De.
"Now, you kids have a swell time. Enjoy your reprieve from Dr. Cooper and get settled in. And try not to be too hard on the boys, it's really not their fault." The monitor that had been showing Lazarus's darkened office went black as his transmission ended.
Angelee turned her back on the guys and stood leaning against the rail, watching the creature disappear into the ocean's depths. The rain was still pelting her harshly and she was glad she had thought to fold her wings up.
It was a slight glance from the corner of her eye towards Cameron that made her shake her head and sigh.
Watching the lightening flash across the sky, she finally spoke to him.
"So, you come up here for tha light show? Or what?" she asked over the howling of the wind.
Kei shrugged as the screen went blank, “I’m always hard on boys.” She remarked with a smirk as she turned to look at De and Chandi, “Especially when they go all damsel-savin’.” She gave the two a wide smile as she continued, “Even if she was unconscious I can still have a little fun with their reactions.” She folded her arms over her chest as she took a seat in one of the chairs that sat in front of the computer monitors, stretching her legs out comfortably, “By the way, what’s with the suit, De?” She asked the tall black man, eyeing his choice of attire, “Not exactly solid island wear, plus its kinda borin’.” Kei scrunched up her nose in distaste, “Covers up too much skin, wouldn’t you agree Chan?” The dark-haired surfer looked at the other woman in the room, as if silently trying to get the Australian to agree with her.

“Don’t even try to say that the color in your hair makes up for it…the whole suit has no soul…you look like a distorted version of a corporate lawyer.” She thought about the comment briefly then added, “Not that I’m tryin’ to change you or anythin’, ya know. The clothes just don’t feel right to me…” Kei would admit that she was ranting, but she had never liked formal wear. Every businessman she had ever conned she had also attempted to convince them of the same thing she was trying to convince De of at this very moment, that the plain, black suit was the single most soulless article of clothing ever created.
“Or this could just be the rantin’s of a wahine that’s been out in the rays too long.” She added with a laugh and a wide smile, “Fried her brain so bad, that theres nothin’ left but insane tics and phobias…” She trailed off, suddenly feelin’ like maybe she was actin’ way to weird for the situation.
“Or it could be the fact that I now know we’re babysittin’ a monster…which by the way, makes me less keen to want to surf in those waves, knowin’ that Spot might end up my surf partner.” Kei made another face, lapsing into silences.
Raising from the crouched position that he had been holding at AJ’s side, ‘Vok watched as the girl stepped away from the group of overprotective men. She seemed fairly annoyed with all of the attention. Especially the attention coming from her ex-boyfriend’s direction. It seemed that maybe she would need that rescue after all. Remaining in his towering Kraken form momentarily, ‘Vok stepped away from Nate, and pushed past Cameron. “Not for nothing me bucko, but it doesn’t appear that the lady wants your company right about now.”

‘Vok could only assume that his voice seemed odd at the moment. It wasn’t every day that someone saw a perfectly normal human tone coming from the throat of an ancient monster. Deciding that the monstrous appearance served little purpose, the shape shifter slowly allowed his form to revert back to its human guise. The wet scales at the top of his head gave way to reveal a long dripping mane of dark hair. He slowly flexed his fingers as the webs between them shrank back into his hands. The shimmering plates upon his chest separated and formed opposing sides of a now drenched black club shirt, with a skintight white T underneath. Shapeshifting had its perks, but no matter what form ‘Vok took, he still wasn’t waterproof.

Pleased enough in his close to normal appearance, he continued “We was in the middle of a perfectly good bottle of rum before the big guy there decided to rain on our parade. And there was a nice little tete a tete going on as well. So if you don’t mind, and if the lass is still obliged, I would very much like to get on with it.” Shifting his focus from Cameron, where it had been firmly planted the whole time, ‘Vok shot AJ a glance from beneath his down turned brow and grinned. Cocking an eyebrow at her, he said, “What? Like you didn’t know it was me the whole time?”
"Glad your ok." Nate said to AJ as he stood up and looked directly at the Kraken. "Im going to take a closer look." With that a wave of darkness surrounded him and moved into a shadow at the side of the building appearing at the edge of the island, closer to the Kraken. This creature intrigued him.

-Shadow Strike
"Oh the suit serves it purposes luv. Gives me a reason to see you walkin' about in this shirt in the mornin'."

He said as his tugged lightly at the white shirt beneath the black jacket, slipping Kei a quick wink a fraction of a second before he blinked his eyes.

"Besides..the whole soul free bit is part of the charm. My particular line of work usually leaves me surrounded by....well let's just say when you do the kinds of things I do in the places I do them.... a suit like this can save your life. Some blokes I know won't even talk to a human if he ain't in full out formal wear. And I'm talkin' Tux type stuff, not just a suit a tie."

De continued as he turned his attention back outside and towards the creature in the water. The general lack of activity told him that whatever it was out there was either being taken care of, or nothing to worry about in the first place.

"Plus it has lots of pockets...."
Cam stood on the roof shaking his head, a low chuckle escaping his throat as he watched the other two men come rushing to AJ's aid, almost tripping over each other in their haste to be the knight in shining armour. "Well this seems like a fair bit o' overkill." he thought. AJ seemed no worse for wear after her fainting spell, and so he chanced a glance over his shoulder at 'Spot' disappearing slowly back below the waves. He turned back at the sound of AJ's question, but before he could answer he was interrupted by one of the new guys, the one who had run up the stairs to the control room after AJ. He seemed to be of the opinion he was the man in her life now. "Fair enough." thought Cam, although he would wait until he heard AJ's opinion from her own lips. He leaned back against the railing which ringed the roof as the shapeshifter spoke, lifting his face to the sky and letting the water wash over him. As the new guy finished talking Cam looked at him, his face totally impassive. "Oh? Ye've finished posturing have ye? Then allow me to reciprocate. All ah was trying tae dae here was help a friend in trouble. If Wings wants me tae leave, she disnae need anybody else's help tae articulate it." He said as he turned to watch 'Spot' disappearing back below the waves. "Well AJ? Dae ye want me tae go?"
As 'Vok pushed past Cameron, he felt a slight jolt of electricity hit him as he brushed against Cam's plasma field.

"Spot" had already begun to submerge again when Nate appeared at the edge of the island. The creature didn't see him, and continued to go back under the water until he was no longer visable.
Angelee had been facing the waves again watching the creature as it completely submerged. She thanked Nate as he disappeared into the shadows and rolled her eyes at John and Cam.
“Tiger, Ah’m a big girl. And while Ah appreciate ya jesture sugah, Ah can handle thangs myself.” She reached up and ran her hand along his cheek winking at him as she did.
“Besides, it’s gonna be a long night hon. Why don’t ya go on inside and slip out of those cold wet clothes and into something nice and warm….like mah bed? Ah’ll be down in a few.” She chuckled as she turned towards Cameron. The bright sunny smile that had been on her face all but fell away as she looked at him.
“Do Ah want ya ta go? Straight ta hell or otherwise?” she let her gaze fall to the rainsoaked roof before looking back up at him.
”Ah…Ah don’t know anymore. Ah thought everything was black and white. Ah thought Ah had it all figured out.” She turned away from him and watched the storm lash out across the ocean. Not caring in the least that her clothes were clinging to her, that her hair was plastered against her head as the rain beat down in its steady rhythm against them.
Cam stood up from the railing, moving a little closer to AJ, before stopping an arms reach away. He wanted to just reach out and hold her. She was so close, yet so far away and she seemed to be pushing him even further away. His head dropped for a minute and again his eyes traced the slowly healing scars on his exposed forearms. He looked up again, meeting her eyes as he did so. "Ah've been tae hell AJ, and compared tae how ah'm feeling at the minute that was a walk in the park." He reached out tentatively, his fingers brushing against her shoulder. "Ah ken that ah hurt ye, nae matter that ah never meant tae. Ah know ye probably think ah never planned on coming back fer ye? That was the furthest thing fae mah mind. Ah sent a couple o' messages tae yer mither's place tae let ye know that ah was gonnae be held up and askin' ye tae hang on there fer a wee while longer. Ah guess ye never got them. Ah headed back there as soon as ah could get away but ye'd already left and yer mither said she didnae ken where ye where so a headed tae the states tae find ye." He looked at her apologetically. "Then Gus got intae trouble and ah had tae go bail him out. Then ah missed ye again in New Orleans. Ah'm real sorry but it happened and ah cannae change the past." He looked out at the stormy skies which surrounded them, hoping the ongoing lightning would bolster his sagging spirits, but he found no comfort there. Ah ken ye dinnae owe me anything, and a ken ye've probably found someone else ye can trust, but ah was hoping we could at least be friends. Ah dinnae think ah could stand ye hating me forever."

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