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Things you want to see in Avengers!
Things I'd like to see in Avengers:

1. [spoiler]HAWKEYE BACK IN THE LAND OF THE LIVING!!!!!!! Don't make me hate you Bendis, don't make me hate you. It was bad enough that I had to see Jack of Hearts brought back to life only to see you kill him again, and now you take away one of my ALL TIME FAVORITES![/spoiler]


3. Revamps of old B level villains that make them horrifying and very much real. TASMASTER, I'M TALKING DIRECTLY TO YOU!

4. New blood on the team. I know Bendis' choices for the first "new" string of characters, and aside from Spider-Man and Luke Cage, I am less than thrilled about the additions of Spider-Woman, Wolverine, and Sentry?! WTF? Wasn't he a PRACTICAL JOKE created by Wizard and Stan Lee to jerk around the masses a few April Fools past?

5. Midgets. Can't get enough of them. The world could use a few more.
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