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New X-Men
Ok, I just suffered through the ending of "Here comes tomorrow."

I really don't want to go off on another Grant Morrison rant, but does this guy even have the capability to form a coherent sentence?
Not only was the story so boring it was beyond fathoming. I guess his "New X-Men" is just that. All the X-men he created (minus Wolverine which was thrown in purely for fanboy drool factor) were featured in this story. His version of Beast (which makes me sick to my stomach anymore to even look at.), all of *his* creations. Well sorry Grant! YOU SUCK!
You cannot expect to sell a book with the words "X-men" in it and not see some of the cast everyone grew up on. And this secondary mutantion crap is pure BS. It's Grant Morrison *The Almighty God of HACK WRITERS* twisting and perverting characters to his liking.
I felt sorry for Marc Silvestri for having to do the artwork on this piece of crap story. Marc is a great artist who's work should be complimented by a great story. And this wasn't it.

I'm so glad that Grant Morrison is on his last legs with NXM.
I'd personally like to break both of them.
There is no way to explain the amount of disgust and complete anger I am feeling at this point over this book and the things Grant Morrison has done to it.
Maybe it's not the book, it's the characters. He expects you to give a damn about characters he created simply because *HE, THE ALMIGHTY GOD OF HACK WRITERS* created them.

Ok, I'm getting off the soapbox now before it spontaneously combusts!

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