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The Field Trip
Peitro smiled at Kei as she asked about their sanity.
"Actually, it's a hard task most days. People tend to judge you by the things people around you do. We were both part of our father's crusade before we knew the awful truth." He reached down and took Wanda's hand and gave it a squeeze.
"But, we are also living proof that even those of us with a checkered past can rise above it. So, I guess you can say there was a point behind all of this." Wanda looked at Kei, then up at Peitro. She could almost tell what he was thinking, but didn't voice it. She knew he was probably thinking about Crystal, and how much this young girl reminded him of her. Her spirit, her smile. Wanda looked towards the window for a moment before turning her attention back to Kei.
"You aren't stuttering like a bunny. It's pretty much how everyone reacts when they hear the story. So, how would you two like to hit the kitchen and see what chaos we can cause in there?" Wanda smiled as she stood up and motioned towards Peitro.
"He may be a speed demon, but he can cook better than I can, come on, let's put him to work."

Captain America caught Vok's uneasy look and smiled at the young man. He had read all their files before allowing them into the Avengers stronghold. He knew Vok's secret and planned on keeping it, as long as he behaved himself. At Hank, Simon and Clint's hooting over Tony's video collection, Steve took a seat the bar next to Vision and Hank Pym.
"You'd think they'd never seen a half naked college girl before.." Cap said as he opened up a beer and took a swig...but paused for a moment to look at the tv screen before almost spitting the beer halfway across the room.
"Ok, I'll rephrase that...You'd think we'd never seen half naked college girl do THAT!" he slid off the barstood and went to stand behind the makeshift sofa where Clint and the boys sat.
"All this technology, and they want to do this." Tony Stark rolled his eyes and laughed and began talking to Cameron and Vok.
"So guys, tell me about this island of yours. I heard you have stuff like that going on all the time." He motioned his head to the monitor and grinned widely.

"Oh, I'll hold you to that De, make sure of that. Drinks on me...later...but for now, if I don't catch up to Jan's shopping, I'll never hear the end of it. Come on!" She drug him off in the opposite direction that the girls were heading in Bloomingdales.
Tigra smiled as she watched Jen grab De and pull him off. She finally took the chance to answer Chandi.
"Actually, they had a bunch of boring seminars on teamwork planned and personally, there's no way in hell I would have sat through, or expected anyone else to." smiling as Jan frowned at her a bit.
"Oh come on Janet! You know damn well last time WE had to go through one of those you slipped out to the ladies room and never came back!" Wasp got a sheepish look on her face before spying an adorable black dress.
"Oooh and it's on sale even!"

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