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The Field Trip
"Whichever floats you luv. So long as it floats you my way that is..."

De responded to Janet as she voiced her query. Personally he wasn't all that familiar with the Avengers, at least not on a personal level. He could rattle off most of thier codenames and powers, perhaps ever a real name here and there, but he hadn't the foggiest when it came to their interpersonal relationships.

He had taken the hour's time allotted to go upstairs and change, and now stood amidst the rest of the group in a comfortably loose (but not sloppily so) dark purple suit jacket and pants with shoes to match. Socks and shirt both a midnight black to match his belt (and other things) he'd also taken the liberty of holstering his sidearm and pocketing two extra clips, just in case.

The suit itself had been delivered by way of a very special Hloomur Demon who'd owed him a favor. The aquatic creature having handed it to De some days prior down on the beach. He now stood however watching and listening to the others as the talked around, to, and about the Avengers in their company, wondering silently to himself just what it was he'd gotten himself into by signing on with this here group.

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