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The Field Trip
Chandi glanced from Kei to John and back again. "You know you two really need to have a brighter outlook on this trip." She informed them making sure not to allow their sour moods get her down. "Oh and AJ girl, I've met my far share of hero's and lets just say I much prefer the villians." Chandi had to let a little smile slip onto her lips as she thought of her encounter with the X-men back when she was with Valiant and the fact that she spent a large amount of her time in the company of some of New York's biggest hotshots and most well known villians.

As she listened to Wasp list of who would be paired with who Chandi let a little laugh escape her. Figures I'd be paired off with Tigra.... She didn't find who she'd be shadowing all day, but the fact that they'd placed her with one of the more feline members of The Avengers wasn't a surprise to her. "So I get to bug the hell out of Tigra...hope she's not uptight." Chandi giggled and shifted her weight in her seat so she could pull her legs up underneath her. "Will we be getting any free time during this trip?"

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