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Vagabond Knights - Game Synopsis
They are vagabonds, wanderers without a home in years of conquests and dark days; they are nothing more than a group trying to slake their wanderlust. All of them have come from respectfully different backgrounds, yet one evening they were drawn together in a seaside inn and it was there that they began their journey through Europe as traveling performers. More widely accepted than gypsies, and less threatening than most strangers; they entertain, they stay to themselves, they don’t raise suspicion in a world of distrust.

This group could be considered the world’s first superheroes; most, though not all have their own uncanny abilities, which in a world of superstition and tradition could get them killed, but in their wandering they have been able to help extinguish some of the danger, they have not sought it out but they cannot turn their head away when it is found in the villages and sleepy towns that they traverse through. They are their own brand of wandering Knight, not in it for the glory or the fame, but all the same they have protected many with their simple acts while still trying to keep themselves safe. Strangers do not get to know what they can do, but as a band of vagabonds they have built their own support for each other, just trying to move through life and stay out of the way of the holy wars of which started the same year as their journey began; 1095, five years before the end of the 11th century.

That is how these adventures and misadventures began, a group not looking for either but stumbling upon them anyway, in a world of war and darkness they are simply trying to find their way in the world. They are vagabonds, whom have been referred to as knights in some instances by those that they have saved, but their very survival hinges upon staying below public curiosity and maintaining their traveling performing troupe as their means of money and food. If they are found out, the consequences could be deadly…


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