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Comic Widows News

Just wanted to let you folks know the new edition of our comic review website Comic Widows is now up.

Comic Widows presents articles, opinions and reviews of comics in all forms of the media: mainstream and independent print, film, television, manga and anime, gaming and on the web.

The October issue features memories of Christopher Reeve; reviews of Identity Crisis #3, Marvel Knights Spider-Man #2, New X-Men Academy X #4, Aquaman #22, JSA #63-64 and the December Previews; and a report on the WorldCon 2004 convention; and even Cow Superheroes.

You can check it out at:

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Also if anyone is interested in submitting articles or reviews, we are always taking submissions. Our next deadline is November 30. Send them to:

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For announcements and updates regarding the Comic Widows website, please join our announcement group at:

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And please don't forget to scroll down the front page at Comic Widows for our Tooncast web comics from Insight Studios.

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Glenn Walker
Comic Widows

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