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Which X-Villian needs a ravamping?
Juggernaut - I'm sorry...but I want to see him as a villain again. And as a proper villain at that. No more getting stopped by people he should be able to swat to Pluto.

Dark Beast - Where the frack is that guy? Was he offed while I wasn't looking? He was incredibly creepy looking when he first came out, and with McCoy's secondary mutation, Dark Beast may be the only big footed blue boy out there right now.

The Sentinal - C'mon. Those guys are classic. I say you scale them down to the size of normal people (reducing thier offensive power obviously) but amp up their defensive capabilites a little and let them work in small groups, hunting down mutants en masse. Or make a singular prototype that's self aware and practically unkillable. Like Brainiac...but without the nerdy name.

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