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The Watch - Out of Character Thread
The rules on someone wanting to play a character that someone else is playing already even if from another reality pretty much would be a would cause too much confusion. There could be expections if we could figure out a way that it wouldn't be confusing. You know, like if someone decided to play "Bruce Wayne Batman." and someone else comes along and decides to play "Dick Grayson Batman." There are ways, but it would take alot of planning on the new players part to make sure their character stood out from the existing one.
And this game isn't like the others we've played in. We don't have to worry about anyone dying/getting sent home the way they have. Characters will still get replaced eventually...they always do, whether someone just gets tired of playing them or they disappear during the game.
And basically, any new player would get 2 characters, so yes, if we had 15 players, we'd have 30 characters, although I doubt we'll ever have that many players. And just because there are 30 characters doesn't mean that they will all be involved in the game at the same time. He's already said they won't.
It's going to be up to him to draw the names of the characters would will be involved in each game. Just because I'm playing Victoria doesn't mean that she and Hank will be on the same team, at the same time, or will even get much of a chance to see each other. My other character may get pulled first. J say's he'll be picking characters by how well they are suited to each game.

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