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The Watch - Out of Character Thread
M. Yup. I figured you liked it, so I saved it from it's previous incarnation and resized it for ya Smile

As for character ideas, a mighty fine list of suggestions there Truth, I especially like your transgender suggestion. You're other option is to take the Amalgam Universe/What if.. this character became this hero concept and use it to create you're own character. Beast with a bit of Hulk for example, or something even more extreme. Some time ago (in another life, another place) I had already prepared a couple of replacement characters should Hank bite the dust. He proved more resilient and enjoyable to write than I imagined and so I never used the other characters. Only fair I should show them to everyone and hope to give a bit of inspiration.

Blink - Click Here Post Days of Future Past and male to boot. The bio was the most fun to write, trying to figure what might have happened following the comic book storyline, but then applying it to yet another parallel universe.

Punisher - Click Here Although in my story Frank Castle met Tony Stark and Jim Rhodes in Vietnam, became head of Security at Stark International and has an suit of his own.[/url] Again I loved the idea of mixing elements from the various back stories together.

And finally a bio/image I created a while back that might be an interesting idea for an RPG character - the child of two existing characters (they could even be characters from different universes. Angel - Click Here The daughter of Angel and Psylocke.

Really though the best character you can write is one who interests you. They needn't be flashy or excessively powered, just well rounded and believable.

As for a list of character I think you could find interesting well where to being? In addition to Truth's ideas...

Zephyre or Capricia from Crux (Crossgen)
Some of the last surviving atlanteans, Zephyre and Capricia are currently avoiding the Negation forces which intrude on what remains of their future Earth. Zephyre's power is a speedster, while Capricia can assume any animal or creature's form. One or the other could be whisked away during an attack in which they might have died.

Shiara from Sojourn (Crossgen)
A Dragon / human shape-changer from the planet of Quin, Shiara's main goal in life was as Protector of her horde, including one of the Five Fragments of the arrow which killed Mordath. Changes between dragon and human forms at will. In dragon form, flight and fire breath. Shiara was died following a battle with Mordath during which she was mortally wounded. Could be she was plucked away at the moment of death, due to her sudden selfless act of saving Arwyn and Gareth from Mordath.

Deren Beq from Meridian (Crossgen)
A human from the planet of Demetria, Deren has aligned herself with Sephie and Pirates of the Wind, though she may be operating under her own agenda. Former innkeeper of the roughest bar in the down below, Deren has also proven extremely skilled at hand-to-hand combat, acrobatics and politics.

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