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The Watch - Out of Character Thread
Ok, I know that The Watch has been anything but steady or fast paced the last few months. It's amazing how much of your life can be consumed by something as small as a baby. The last thing I want to do is spend hours on the computer when I have something as cute as my daughter to otherwise occupy my time.

Although, at the same time, I realize that I once led a fast paced and engrossing RPG, and I would very much like to get back to that. But I will need your help to do it. I love running this game, but if I don't have my players, there is nothing I can do. I can't write the game story myself. Well, I suppose I could, but I wouldn't have any fun without you guys. If you all posted more often, I would be sure to do the same. Because I get really excited and involved when you all are actively playing.

Basically, this post is my request to get The Watch moving with some steam behind it again. Post as often as you like. Once, twice, three times a day if you can think of ways to make the game more exciting. Keep me on my toes. Throw me some curves. I will definitely be throwing some your way. And I will surely be posting more often, so if you want back on the train, climb aboard, because I am looking for one hell of a ride.


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