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On The Road To Nowhere: The Beginning
The sleepy seaside village on the coast of Italy was quiet this eve, few strangers had come through the village during the day and now as the sun set and light gave into dark slowly, there was naught but two establishments still left open to travelers. A dirty pub near the docks, suitably named ‘The Sailing Ship’; it was full with drunkards, sea scamps and husbands looking to stay away from their home for a few hours longer…generally not the place that would welcome folk that did not fit within those three groups of individuals, for those that felt they wanted an establishment more hospitable there was the inn upon the hill, overlooking the bay near the edge of the village. It was called ‘The Four Winds Inn’, run by a young woman it was most welcoming to travelers and those looking for a warm fire and a quiet place to relax after a long day.

On this night, it was full of patrons; most kept to themselves, some that lived within the town chatted jovially. Most travelers were looking to get out of the rain outside which had begun to come down in sheets, and it seemed the staff could not keep up with the numbers.
“Keep ye’re eyes on the door!” A small woman, who did not even look old enough to be running her own inn hollered over the noise, a man behind the bar nodded briskly at her in response.
“There ye go, two pints of ale for ye.” The woman said in a drawl as she set down two tankards on the table she had been headed to, “And ye’re rooms are ready for ye whenever ye ‘ear sleep callin’.” With a clink of beads she was off again, hurrying around the large common room.

As she moved she kept an eye on faces and people, ever watchful of somebody that could cause trouble amongst the crowd. There was a large man near the fire, she knew he had been part of the Festivals earlier in the week; she also knew that he had not caused trouble in the Inn since he first entered before the rain began. He would be no trouble this eve, moving towards the staircase she said a few words to the man behind the bar and continue on.
“Mila, ‘ow are ye this eve?” the hostess asked one of the Inns boarder’s as she past her on the stairway, “Come down to ‘ave a drink?” The boarder shook her head in decline and moved down to an empty table near the fire. Yalene, the inn owner could not keep her eyes from wandering to a particularly shrouded individual near the bar as she continued to ascend the stairway. He had been sitting there all eve and had had nothing to drink thus far, which was peculiar when in an inn. Three people so far that had caught her young eye, the seamstress Mila, the man from the festival, and the hooded man, never had she been intrigued by so many before, usually there was one she would watch as a night gave way to morning but this night people kept catching her eye, unusual it was. Lastly there was the woman that had just entered the Inn’s front door, her cloak wet and her eyes hidden from view. She was perhaps the most intriguing of all the people Yalene had seen this night.
“Evenin’!” Yalene called in her usual manner from the top of the stairway, little did she know that word would be the beginning of an adventure.

For the people who had caught the youth’s eye would soon become her companions in a wandering quest, for what they did not know, but they left that inn together the next evening, Yalene leaving it in the hands of her dearest friend. Strangers, they were, but they were experienced in travel and knew how to keep to themselves as they traveled up through Italy and into the French countryside, they posed as a traveling troupe and went through towns without much trouble.

It has been two weeks since they set out from the Italian seaside, and they have made their way into a small cluster of villages in the southernmost part of France, where they have decided to camp for at least a fortnight before continuing on. The villagers in this town were particularly friendly to the group, urging them to continue their performances and urging them to stay longer. So it is now evening in their camp just outside the borders of the village, that these travelers have the time relax and learn of eachother.

OOC: Welcome to the game.


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