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Chapter One: The Watch
”I watch as the portal opens before me. None of the four who step through have ever been here before. In fact, they have only ever heard of this place in the most vague of terms. They refer to it as the moon. I call it home. For countless eons I have dwelled here, observing this solar system and the many changes it has seen. Today, I shall attempt to enlist the aid of others so I may continue this task. With awe, my champions step through the glistening passageway and into the large observation chamber that I use to watch all of reality. Tessa Niles, the telepathic genius known as Sage...Paige Guthrie, the young metamorph known as Husk...Peter Parker, the brooding superhero known as Spider-man...and Matua, the peaceful mage seemingly built for war. These four are the first to be gathered. But I must act with caution. I must not directly compel these mortals to act on my behalf. For to directly interfere in the lives of these beings would violate the oath I have endeavored all my life to uphold. For this I shall turn to the Sorcerers. It is only through them that I shall be able to see it all.”

As Sage, Husk, Spider-man and the newcomer Matua stepped through the portal that carried them to the Earth’s moon, they noticed a large figure perched atop a throne like seat in the middle of the room. He did not even shift his gaze to look at them. Instead, he stared directly ahead with the most intent of glares that any of them had ever seen. And even though he did not look at them, they were sure that he was aware of their presence. But before any of the quartet could inquire about their surroundings, another portal opened. Through it stepped the large green form of Dr. Henry McCoy and the definitively smaller framed Dr. Victoria Essex. Oddly, five of the six visitors already knew each other, but only two had had the pleasure of meeting the Watcher’s last guest. With flowing robes of crimson Dr. Stephen Strange stepped from the portal seconds before it sealed itself closed behind him. Within his mind, Uatu spoke to him alone, ”Welcome Sorcerer, I am pleased with your efforts thus far. For I know these beings possess the skills to aid you in your undertaking.”

Realizing the Watcher was prone to speaking in vague generalities and ambiguous undertones, Dr. Strange neither acknowledged Uatu nor pressed the issue. Instead, he turned to the gathered men and women and addressed them of his own accord, “Let me welcome you to the Blue Area of the moon. I do not believe that any of you have been here before, so I believe an introduction is in order. Our silent host is known as the Watcher. He has seen fit to allow me the use of his inner sanctum for this important meeting. As for myself, I am called Dr. Stephen Strange. I am the Sorcerer Supreme of Earth and it is I that summoned you here. For your help is needed in order to preserve order throughout all of existence.”

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