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Chapter One: The Watch
Alternate Realities? Like The Negation? Just how many universes were there? How many other power mad emperors just waiting and biding their time before setting off to conquer the universe next door? But at the same time....paradise. How many peaceful spaces were out there? Full of compassion and love and totally unable to defend themselves against the likes of Charon and his Lawbringers, or whatever else might be lurking out there in this "Alternate Realities"?

His time spent with the Goddess and the human trying to save his own universe had come about completely against his own will, but it was a task he had accepted on principle not long afterwards. This time he was being asked to help. Asked to risk his life for the protection of other realms. But could he actually do anything? Qztr alone had proven more than a match for he and his friends on every occasion they'd crossed paths. Would this smaller group be any match for the likes of him? For something worse?

He bowed slighty to Sage as she offered a expansion to Spiderman's explination, and then lifted his gaze somewhat to the one called Dr. Essex. Her visage filled his view for a moment before turning his sight upon Stephen, his lips parting as he voiced another question of his own.

"Who is this 'Dr. Strange' to ask us to do anything?"

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